Going to parties is fun! You get to spend time with friends and family on special occasions or just for fun. I’m sure most will agree it is more fun to attend a party that someone else is hosting. You get to have all of the fun with little to no work. You can have a great time hosting your own party also.

Throwing a party takes time and attention to detail. Spending just a little bit of extra time will ensure that your party runs smoothly and you can have an enjoyable time as well. Remember, the host sets the tone for the party, so the more relaxed and happy you are, the better time your guests will have.

Throwing a spectacular party doesn’t have to break the bank, you can save money on party decorations if you know the right places to look. Try to utilize sales and clearance events if this will work within your budget. To help you begin your planning, we’ve put together a list of our top party essentials that will help you dazzle your friends and family.


Balloons help to create a fun, festive mood. They will also help you to tie in a color palette within your decorating style. There are tons of cool balloons that you can choose from. We recommend breaking up the regular balloons and creating bundles that feature one centerpiece mylar balloon and then surround that with your regular balloons in coordinating colors. Balloon weights are a consideration; also, different color and style choices can be used for additional detail.


The most trafficked place during your party will be your drink and food tables. Pick some pretty confetti or even some sparkling crystals and use them for display around these stations. You can choose colors and shapes that match the theme of your party.

Platters and Stands

Your food table is part of your decorating as well. Thought should be given to placement of dishes and color choices. Use stands and risers for added height to bring some dimension to the table. It will also make it easier for your guests to see what you’re serving and to access it. If you are hosting an adult party, these can be used to show examples of your drinks.

Signature Drink

Speaking of drinks, hosting an adult themed party should include your signature drink. Your drink can possibly match your décor and should be easy to make. Give it a cool name and people will love it and talk about it for a while. If you are not a bartender don’t worry, check out this article on how to design your own signature drink. This will have your guests begging you to host the next event.

Napkins and Plates

When hosting a party, you do not want to use your own plates and utensils. After hosting, you will not want to do dishes for the next couple hours. Instead, buy plates and utensils that are color coordinated with your party. If you are throwing a kid’s party, the kids love the themed plates and napkins. Make sure you purchase extra napkins and have tons of paper towels on hand for spills and sticky disasters.

Goody Bags

No child’s birthday party is complete without the goody bag. There are tons of cool things to put in there that the kids can take the party home with them. Add some candy to it as well as other fun items. Check out some of these goody bag essentials for kids parties here.


The cake is the centerpiece for your party. Make sure it is decorated to match the color palette of your party. If you have a children’s party, find a cake decorator that will add some of the detailing to the cake from the theme your child chose. This does not have to be expensive. There are grocery store decorators that are very talented and can match the theme. You can even decide to do a cupcake or donut tower instead.


Planning a party is a lot of work, but it is rewarding as well. You are under pressure to throw the perfect party, and if you follow some of the tips above, we are sure you will hit a home run. Spending a little extra time during the planning stages will afford you the opportunity to enjoy your party with your guests. Have fun with the process and happy planning!

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