The Great Moscow Circus has returned to Singapore after 10 years and we attended its Gala Opening Night yesterday and that too sitting at those premium rinkside seats. Why all of you should also watch it? Here are the reasons.

1. It’s for ALL in the Family:

Steal moments from your work, school and make memories with Family. The Great Moscow Circus provides a perfect opportunity of Family bonding. We were delighted to see the way entire tentful of people of all ages were laughing, cheering and applauding!


Some kids might get a bit scared initially. As the show progresses they start enjoying like anything.


2. The chills and the thrills:

Jaw-dropping, Stunning and Mind blowing – words are less to express . It’s a fusion of skill, focus, balance, art and hard work that you see during the thrilling acts of The Great Moscow Circus. We are not going to write too much in detail and spoil the fun for people who haven’t yet watched. But do see the glimpses of the acts in below pics and videos.


And yes, there is that world famous Globe of Death!

3. Laughs and Music:

Circus means clowns. The Great Moscow Circus literally let’s them loose and generates riots of laughter. The funny men poke fun at each other and the audience. After long long time we witnessed so many people laughing this loudly.

Sound can be a bit loud for some kids and adults. Do carry headphones if needed.

Many other circus around the world have got rid of live music. Thank God The Great Moscow Circus is still continuing the tradition of having Live Music and it does make a huge impact in connecting with the audience. Who wouldn’t like to groove and shake bodies to Gangnam Style?!

4. Bring the Kid in you out:

When was the last time when you laughed and clapped like kids showing all the teeth? No? Then The Great Moscow Circus is definitely for you! Office job, house work and all errands can make one very serious (read: boring). It’s time to reveal the real you and laugh heartily.

We saw grandparents screaming as loudly as grandkids and this mom and son were dancing together on live music. Wow!

5. Technology and Artists:

There are Hi-Tech equipments, lighting and of course an amazing team that puts it all together.


In seconds they set up the rink and in seconds they dismantle. One moment the artists are on the ground, second moment they are in the air. Juggling, Balancing, Dancing, Making everyone laugh – how these artists do everything? and how they make it look so effortless!

6. Food and other arrangements:

Popcorn, Candy floss and drinks are available. Washrooms, First aid too. No worries on that front!


The Great Moscow Circus is here for a LIMITED period of 6 weeks. Don’t miss.

Find more details of The Great Moscow Circus here:

Tickets on SISTIC

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