Mummy is one such human whose entire life is centered on her kids. Even if you are a SAHM or FTWM, all you think is what’s best for your dearest babies. I have yet to meet an exception to this rule! As a mom of two wonderful kids, I am always on the lookout for things that suit my kids well and at the same time, save my precious $$$s. In the busy life of today where I don’t really get too much time to visit malls and shop for my kids, I am so happy to have found Shopee – my trusted one-stop platform to get all my parenting essentials at the best prices.

I have been a fan of Shopee for some time already and still every single time, can’t help but get amazed by the huge variety of products and how fuss-free the whole online shopping experience it makes for mummies.

First things first, how to get started with Shopee?

It’s like saying 1-2-3. All you have to do is download Shopee for free on the App Store or Google Play. Shopee is a leading mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Shopee is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan. It’s definitely a platform to love for its ease of use, security and strong payment gateway. Prompt delivery and support are worth mentioning.

I have accessed Shopee from my laptop through their website and also using app. Seamless, I would say!


So if at all you are first-timer with Shopee, all you have to do is visit their website or download app and start shopping for the choicest of products for your babies and kids.

I have signed up conveniently using my Facebook ID. You can also sign up using Google or even Phone via SMS. One of my favorite most categories on Shopee is: Toys, Kids and Babies. Take a look at how it has everything you need for your kids.


Look at my perfect Parenting haul from Shopee

My kids were pestering me to do online shopping on Shopee so that they can handpick toys and other necessary stuff leisurely from the comfort of our home. So, one evening, we all sat down and finalized our purchases from Shopee. Oh, did I mention that Shopee can actually provide fun family bonding while online shopping?!

Warning warning to you all. Shopee has thousands of options and believe me they all rock! In all probabilities, you and kids can go crazy. So, it’s a good idea to make a broad list of items that you are looking to get before you go online.

For us, we wanted to get a perfect combo that will make kids and mummy both happy. Kids first I said and my boy said girls first. My daughter happily took the lead and started browsing her favorite Arts & Craft for kids category.

  • She decided to grab a set of Crayola 24ct Crayons. Can you imagine that these 24 non-toxic crayons featuring classic colors, as well as bright, fun shades that help inspire self-expression and imaginative play are available for just $4? Also, they last 35% longer!
  • 36Colors Watercolor Solid Pigment Paint Set Water Brushes Sponges Mixing Palette prized at $12.81 was her next purchase. When we read the details of the products we found it impressive.
    • Made of high quality raw material, the color is vibrant and delicate and with good color rendering performance
    • Easy to be dissolved in water, different ratio with water will present different transparent effect and not easily get fade
    • Come with a separate palette, 2 watercolor pen brush and 2 paint sponges, a portable painting set for taking out conveniently
    • Safe and non-toxic watercolor paint lot, safe for children and adults
  • Girls love cute keychains, isn’t it? We chose these adorable Stuffed Key Ring BTS Keychains and added to our cart. Yay! Which one is your favorite?

These keychains are already shipped out and we can’t wait to receive them. Shoppe App on my handphone allows me to track the status of my orders very easily. Daughter is planning to buy a few more of these keychains as a gift to her friends.

  • As a mom, I have always believed that kids must get their hands dirty and they must play messily. Shopee has mind-blowing and unique choices for kids to try out new things. Example is this Electric toy Pottery DIY Kids’ Craft machine that we bagged.
  • Pencil cases and Pen cases are always needed for older kids especially. We bought 2 of them. Quality looks very good and price is much lower compared to others.
  • Pusheen cat is our favorite character. This huggable pillow we couldn’t miss at all. It looks totally kawaii.

My little boy was waiting patiently. Now, it was his turn to order what he wanted. Online shopping at Shopee can be very fun experience for kids and parents I bet!

  • He was eyeing this 166 PCS Magnetic Blocks Magnetic Building set for quite some time. We managed to get a great deal on Shopee. Magnetic blocks promote edutainment and it’s perfect to improve children’s imagination, hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination.
  • This boy is a car-lover. He fell in love instantly with this Star Wars Tusken Raider. Tusken Raider is a cool car that had added greatly to our toy cars collection.
  • 2 pc set Unbreakable Pencil – This was a thoughtful buy by the boy! He always complains about broken pencil leads and this unbreakable pencil is a great solution. Each Pack come with 2 Pencils and 12 Refill Leads
    • No Sharpening Needed
    • Auto Feeding hence No clicking needed
    • Break Resistance due to unique spring loaded Pencils Tips

We bought 3 sets and very happy with the way they work.


These kids had hijacked my laptop for long time and they were engrossed in filling up the cart. It was high time that I choose something too. Of course, as a mom, whatever I chose was also for my kids!

  • Jeju Wet Wipes 10packs (800pcs) – I can’t survive without wet wipes. This is one essential that you will always find in my and my kids’ bags. I loved these Made in Korea wet wipes. The manufacturing date was latest so it was guaranteed to be fresh and good for little skins.
  • Kids Folding Table/Laptop Table/Student Table /Floor Table – I liked this multi-purpose table because kids don’t always like to sit at one place for studies. This table looks chic and can double up as hubby/mine laptop table. I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive. It’s foldable so definitely going to save space.

How you like my Shopee Parenting kit? Why not you curate yours too based on some of my ideas. Shopee has everything a mom needs. Moms, Happy Shopping with Shopee! Do let me know about your haul.

Do watch out for Shopee’s Facebook contest on Shopee’s Facebook page will be held from 25 October – 1 November. You might win!

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