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RainbowDiaries Panel with Parents in Zak Salaam India Expo

There were some firsts for RainbowDiaries Panel with Parents in Zak Salaam India Expo.

  • I am not new to the stage. Been there, done that – acting, dancing, performances but hosting was the first time experience. So there were jitters in my own mind! Hosting needs one to be sharp, alert, witty, to the point, time conscious and someone who can hold it all in one piece. I was not sure whether I have it in me to do this.
  • Zak Salaam India Expo that was running its 24th Edition had never tried Parents Panel before. So it was the first for them too.
  • The registration was on the spot. So that means surely there will be moms who are new to this concept and participating in the panel discussion for the first time.


The question was will I be able to pull it off? All thanks to the wonderful moms and amazing support and confidence shown by Zak Salaam on us, RainbowDiaries Panel with Parents in Zak Salaam India Expo was quite a success.


We did it!

What an awesome evening yesterday with some amazing moms in Singapore who shared about their struggles and triumphs of parenthood. I had so much joy talking to these ladies.

The conversation just flowed and it was NOT SCRIPTED! That’s the way you get to hear real interesting and straight from the heart stories.


Interesting Sharing by Moms

We had a very vibrant mix of moms for this event. It was a very organic blend of multiple cultures and various age groups. We had some moms where the kids are all grown up and adults. On the other hand, some were moms of toddlers. Some were local and residents staying in Singapore for ages and some moms were new to Singapore.

This mix in fact made the panel discussion all the more fun and learn session for all who participated and all who were listening and sharing their own bits.


Topics, Tips and Tricks

Since I didn’t know the moms and their backgrounds in detail, we took some time to break the ice. Moms introduced themselves. Home makers, Mumpreneurs, Working moms – wow! Kudos to all of them for doing their roles to the best of their abilities.

We started with the question – Do you think Parenthood is a challenge? If yes, how are you coping with it? – To my surprise, I got so many perspectives from this Momtribe. Among difference of opinions, we found common ground that yes, Parenthood could be a challenge but it’s something all moms love and have their own ways to handle it.

Then the next question was – What are the tips and tricks they would like to give to other moms in audience?. This was a learning for me too. 3 Ps of Parenting, Screen time, Healthy food, Keeping updated with trends for kids, Me time, Hubby and Family support – these ladies shared wealth of knowledge. I am so so impressed!


We were laughing, joking, nodding, speaking loudly and in general were enjoying ourselves. Audience was all ears even when there was tempting shopping booths around them. Elderly, kids, dads all were in attendance. In fact, they added some unique points too.


There were emotional moments when I posed the question of Judging. How they tackled the incidents when people judged them as a mom? Each mom had her own experience and tips to share with others. Wholehearted flow of opinions, experiences as if a group of friends are sitting and chatting. What stage fright and what first time?!! We all went much beyond that…


We would have gone on and on and on. But our time slot was almost getting over. Had to stop like all good things must come to an end.


Moms, we have to meet soon. There’s lot left to talk.


Special mention to emcee of the evening Mr. Elengoven. He made everyone so comfortable. Thanks Sir! Thanks once again Zak Salaam India Expo for this wonderful opportunity to associate with you as Social Media partner and looking forward already.

Images credit: Zak Salaam India FB page and my own.

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  2. Wow…what an interesting and exciting event. I am sure you must have had a wonderful time being the host and done a wonderful job. Sometimes listening to other’s experiences and knowing their outlook make us more clear about our ideas.

  3. I agree with you. Hosting is not easy. You have to be a good listener and very attentive. So good to see all parents discussing their issues under one roof. Good initiative.

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