Okay, lemme admit that this type of a show that combines – jaw dropping magic + goosebumps-giving thrilling acts + Family entertainment – I have been longing to attend but never really got to attend in Singapore till date! Well, many of you will share the same sentiment. Finally, the wait is over with Psyche! by Phoenix coming to Singapore in January 2019.

What is Psyche! by Phoenix?

Just in case you are not sure about what is Psyche!”– By Phoenix, please note that “Psyche!”– By Phoenix is One of the world’s most impressive and an unbelievable show of mind reading, mixed with magic that brings versatility and variety in equal measures and how!


This description itself is making me very very curious. Isn’t it? I mean people like Hugh Jackman have found this show “Perfect” and Taylor Kitsch from Battleship, John Carter, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine couldn’t help but say “This guy is FREAKING AMAZING, you have to see this!”

Who is Phoenix?

Phoenix is known as Australia’s “Rockstar of mind reading”. He is one of Australia’s most versatile performers with an outstanding performance history. An internationally-acclaimed mentalist magician, Phoenix combines his arts to perform some of the most incredible stage shows. Phoenix performed a thrilling water tank act on Australia’s Got Talent and received the only full standing ovation by both the audience and judges in that round.
His work on the blockbuster movie XMEN Origins: Wolverine was so well received, that it made to the official movie trailer for the film.Whether it is his shows or consultancy for blockbuster Hollywood movies and training A-list Hollywood celebrities or appearing as a guest on both Australian an international TV, radio chat shows, he has done it all!

PHOENIX mindgames

Unlike magicians or other mentalists, Phoenix’s shows are a fusion of mentalism & creativity that an audience will love. Yes, it’s for the entire FAMILY.

5 Reasons why peeps at RainbowDiaries are going to watch Psyche! by Phoenix and why you all should watch it too:

  • It’s coming to Singapore for the very FIRST TIME. For a Kiasu, it’s a magical novelty. Something that we must watch and experience. It’s an award-winning, international, amazing show and praised by the stalwarts from various fields.
  • When I read about it, I found that it’s definitely not your usual magic show. There’s so much more to it – micro-expression training, psychological tricks, body language reading to know what exactly an audience is thinking. There will be predictions and influencing of audience’s thoughts and abilities. Wow! Excited much??
  • There are going to be astonishing visual effects too that will make this whole show even more fun.
  • When you google about Phoenix, there’s this mention of an incredible WATER TANK ESCAPE ACT. Yes Yes, it’s going to be there in Singapore’s show too and our minds are going to be blown for sure. Also, NOT TO BE missed SURPRISE Finale at the end of the show.
  • Like I mentioned earlier and most importantly, this is a FAMILY Entertainer and my kids are going to love it. I am looking forward to a wonderful Family Bonding time while watching Psyche! by Phoenix.

Here’s a teaser of what’s coming…

Find all info you need about the show here:

Magician Phoenix

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When: 26th Jan 2019
Where: Capitol Theatre
Time: 6:30 PM onwards

Book Tickets on APACtix
Early Bird Discount of 15% on Standard Ticket price is ending on 19th October 2018

Not to be missed: Live!! Water Tank Escape Act and A SURPRISE FINALE to the show


See you all for an incredible evening on 26th January 2019 6:30 PM onwards at Capitol Theatre.

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