Well, I love to cook at home but I also love to taste culinary delights as a Food Blogger. While I love to dig in all types of spicy, sweet, savory, junkie dishes, can’t really deny that ultimately finally I would love to eat food that is tasty yet healthy. Food that is made in restaurant but still gives comfort to tummy as if it’s home-cooked. That’s why Prata Wala is my family’s favorite place to eat.

Now we have one more reason to love Prata Wala and visit it more often. What’s it? Read on and don’t forget to join the giveaway to win $100 worth of vouchers of Prata Wala.

The other day when we visited Prata Wala and wanted to order, we realized that another WOW is added to their menu. Yes, Prata Wala has started serving Wholegrain Prata and Wholegrain Naan and even Wholegrain Biryani since September 2018. That makes this Indian quick-service restaurant chain the first to launch Wholegrain Prata and Wholegrain Naan.

I have always found Prata Wala’s food gentle and well-suited for all palates and why not? because Prata Wala is a progressive restaurant chain that has always tried to innovate and introduce healthier options for people.

Do you know that Prata Wala food does not contain added MSG and healthier oil is used for cooking? Like how we do at our homes…

Wholegrain Prata, Naan and Biryani by Prata Wala

Do you know that Prata Wala’s Wholegrain Prata and Wholegrain Naan are the first in Singapore to be endorsed by HPB? So cool right?

HPB has stringent requirements to fulfil before the food items are qualified as wholegrain. Prata Wala has developed its Wholegrain Prata, Naan, and Biryani dishes with HPB-endorsed nutritionists.

What’s the secret ingredient in Wholegrain Prata, Naan and Biryani by Prata Wala?

Prata Wala’s Wholegrain Prata and Naan are created by adding a portion of wholegrain flour into its respective mixture whereas Brown rice and purple rice are added to basmati rice to prepare Prata Wala’s Wholegrain Biryani.

Why Wholegrain?

Many of you who are reading this are parents and I don’t have to tell you the benefits of wholegrain food. According to HealthHub by Ministry of Health (MOH):

  • wholegrains contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Wholegrains are rich in fibre and have lower Glycaemic Index (GI) than refined carbohydrates.
  • Wholegrain products help control blood sugar and weight management.

What we ate at Prata Wala?

We visited Prata Wala and tasted their latest Wholegrain choices.

Hubby came straight from office so this refreshing Teh Tarik was a MUST! I preferred Ice Lemon Tea. We have always loved the home-kind taste of Prata Wala and the drinks are not exception. Freshly made and refreshing.


Kids were getting hungry and so do we. Here’s comes our Naan Set. This is something we always order at Prata Wala. This time, it was with Wholegrain Naan.


Paneer Palak, Chana Masala were as usual very tasty. Not overly oily like some restaurants…We were quite curious to try wholegrain Naan.

How was it? Crunch – yes, Softness – yes, Taste – perfect.

My kids love Cheese Prata. I was wondering whether there will be Wholegrain version of it? To my surprise, yes, even Cheese Prata was Wholegrain.


Happy kids in below pics…They loved it and finished it in no time!



By this time, hubby and we had already given justice to our Naan Set and it was time to try Plain Prata – Wholegrain version.

First of all, it looked very Instagram-worthy with the fluffy, cruchy, crumbly texture and tasted equally delicious. Thumbs up!


Finally, came the Wholegrain Biryani Set…We were already getting full but the biryani looked beautiful so we HAD to taste it.


Closer look is needed to appreciate this beauty…


Long grains of Basmati, Brown and Purple rice, with the right mix of herbs and spices…You must taste it. It’s soft, well-cooked and not heavy on tummy.

Special mention of the Tofu dish. It’s the perfect company for this Wholegrain Biryani.

Burp, burp, burp! Surprisingly, we had managed to finish almost everything. Wholegrain is lighter, healthier as they say. We didn’t feel bloated at all.

Does wholegrain taste any lesser than the usual version? Our verdict…

We all loved the wholegrain versions! In fact, I loved wholegrain version more than usual. Kids couldn’t make out any difference between the usual vs wholegrain. Hubby found wholegrain version to be the great choice for health-conscious. Oh, I must say that the dishes look attractive along with the yummy taste.

Generally, people think that healthy is boring and bland. Sorry sorry, be ready to eat your words (pun intended) when you visit this place next and order the wholegrain versions of Prata, Naan and Biryani!

Heard that in the upcoming months, Prata Wala will introduce low-sugar beverages and other low GI dishes to help its customers eat healthily. My family can’t wait to taste already!

Wholegrain options are available at all Prata Wala outlets.

Prata Wala x RainbowDiaries Giveaway

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44 comments on “Now one more reason to visit Prata Wala more often…”

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  2. Tammy Tng Reply

    My husband and I are pretty health conscious. We try to incorporate whole grains in our meals like having brown rice instead of white and wholemeal bread over white etc…we also want our kids to get use to having more whole grains in their diet. My kids love prata, my husband and I are more for briyani. This would be perfect for our family as it gave us a healthier option!

    IG: tammytng
    FB: Tammy Tng

  3. Bycl Lim Reply

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway by RainbowDiaries Singapore & Prata Wala! Good health comes with wise choice of diet and sufficient exercise! Wholegrain is a smart way to start off your day! Who does not want good health? We normally take good health for granted. If we love our family, we will consider to eat wisely. Love is about sharing! IG: bycllim

  4. The Hedgehog Knows Reply

    IG: thehedgehogknows
    Because my mum is very conscious of her health. We can eat prata guiltlessly together !

  5. Sharin Chia Reply

    Dietary fiber from whole grains, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for healthy bowel function and helps reduce constipation. B vitamins help the body release energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates.

    With wholegrain availability, I can enjoy my fave prata without feeling the guilt!

  6. Lyn Goh Reply

    Always a Prata fan, especially for supper! But the guilt of carbo intake late at night stays at the back of mind. A wholemeal version might ease that thought away! Finally!
    《FB: HL Goh》《IG: hl.goh.sg》

  7. Cindy Lim Reply

    I love wholegrain, as is a healthier choice for my family! hope to try! Love it! IG: @cindylim1288

  8. Adeline Reply

    I am getting old and my kids are still so young SL have to start eating healthy food like wholegrain. Moreover my youngest girl is a cheese prata lover, Wala is the ideal place to go.
    IG : bcemum

  9. Joanne Phang Reply

    I have never tried wholegrain pratas before and looking at your post really make me so hungry! Hope to have the chance to try it 🙂

  10. Alvin Tay Reply

    IG: Alvintay79
    I love Wholegrain as its a healthier choice! We enjoying every bite of it from the kids to the seniors!

  11. mumblenailarts Reply

    ig: MumbleNailArts
    I love prata but i am supposed to eat healthily for better diet. So when i get to know there is a wholegrain version, I would very much love to try the wholegrain version instead.

  12. Christina Wong Reply

    Cause I’m diabetic so I need to watch what I eat, not many places outside offer wholegrain food. Quite excited to try them!
    IG : theluckiestcloud

  13. Aarti Garg Reply

    I usually cut carbs from my diet and I think wholegrain Parashar’s will be an asset to my diet. Wish to take my family for a hearty meal.
    IG- Aarti.gargagarwal.7

  14. Esther chng Reply

    I want to try wholegrain because its more healthy and i wont be so guilty eating my favourite prata

    Ig – Estherl.chng1983

  15. Tina Reply

    I want a yummy yet healthy food for my self and family. Well done plata Wala for serving a wholegrain plata which is high in fibre and less in sucrose/sugar. Can’t wait yo try!

  16. Cecilia Chng Reply

    I prefer wholegrain option because it is healthier and makes eating my fave food less sinful!

    IG: chngcecilia

  17. Cecilia Chng Reply

    IG: chngcecilia

    I prefer wholegrain option because it is healthier version and I would feel less sinful eating it!

  18. Mark Chan Reply

    I prefer Wholegrain because it is much healthier.
    Liked and followed.
    Instagram @igmark

  19. Eileen Tan Reply

    Because I love prata and I love wholegrain, wholegrain prata makes for delicious goodness!

  20. CinCin Reply

    I would love to try wholegrain because they are healthier choices. And it’s something new for me to find wholegrain in prata, so I will definitely give it a try!

    FB: Chong CinCin Qiuying
    IG: cincinchong

  21. Adelyn Khoo Reply

    I’ve not seen wholegrain biryani before! And I think it’s so cool that they mixed in brown and purple rice with the basmati rice, but it doesn’t taste any different!! The wholegrain options at Prata Wala definitely attracts me because I love carbs and I can easily finish 2 or more pratas and naans together! :/ But eating too much carbs at one time is not so good, so knowing that it’s wholegrain and there’s more fibre helps me to feel less guilty!! 🙂

    Followed on both Instagram (foodieade) and FB (Khoo Wei Ting Adelyn). 🙂

  22. Chia Nam Huei Reply

    We are now going for healthier choice.Wholegrain is our choice.
    IG : nosdikgno

    • Richard Tay Reply

      I want to try this healthy choice because eating more whole grains has been shown to lower the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes ​and certain cancers. The health benefits of whole grains are not just contributed by fibre or any single nutrient. Instead, the different components all work together to protect your health. I love enjoying prata wala. ?❤????????

  23. Amanda Lee Reply

    It is easier to maintain a healthy weight with wholegrain dishes. Prata Wala’s wholegrain dishes let me enjoy my prata knowing that it is healthier choice.
    FB: Amanda Lee
    IG: snowmoonpie

  24. Adela Chew Reply

    Wholegrain is a healthier option. There is no need to give up on delicious food by replacing them with wholegrain.
    FB: Adela Chew
    IG: xiaoninger

  25. Pearlyn Toh Reply

    I definitely love the wholegrain version more as it’s the healthier choice! Not only does it lower risks of chronic illnesses, it also aids in constipation and weight management! And food made with whole grains have better texture and fragrance. I love Prata Wala! Always visit the one near my house at Jurong point! Hope to be the lucky one! Thanks for the giveaway! ??? IG: @doublerainbow00 FB: Pearlyn Toh

  26. Carol Neo Reply

    Always a great and healthier choice to enjoy hope to win love lots. Ig neo_carol and fb Carol Neo

  27. Kris Liam Lay Peng Reply

    Love whole grain n my favourite prata! More reasons for me to hv these in wholegrain healthy and delicious! Yummy Yummy

  28. Velvina Lim Reply

    Whole grain is a healthier option and I can now enjoy my food without having to watch my weight.

  29. Andrew Lim Reply

    I love that the wholegrain option is as good or even better then the original version. This makes me feel less guilty consuming this wholegrain version.

    IG: chickenandegg2006
    FB : Andrew Lim

  30. Velvina Lim Reply

    IG: Velvinalim
    Whole grain is a healthier version and I get to enjoy my food without having to control my weight.

  31. Velvina Lim Reply

    All steps done
    IG: Velvinalim
    Whole grains are a healthier option and I get to enjoy my food but still able to control my weight.

  32. Yionn Yionn Reply

    ✨I would Love to try because Prata Wala’s Wholegrain Prata and Wholegrain Naan are the first in Singapore to be endorsed by HPB!! Oh Yes!! This is reall So cool!! And furthermore, my 7 years old Daughter Love Prata very much, so if we got the change to bring along and try this New Invented Wholegrain Prata I believed she definitely will love and as we as a Parent also feel great that she gain more nutrients this wholesome foods!!! Hope to be your Winner ✨

  33. Adeline Tan huixiu Reply

    Yummy and healthy choice. Get to enjoy my favourite prata in healthier version.

  34. Celine Lim Reply

    IG: pinkyceline

    Love Wholegrains as they are rich in fibre and have lower Glycaemic Index than refined carbohydrates yet delicious.

  35. OH LYE CHOON Reply

    IG: bean30

    I want to try Wholegrain to see whether it tastes the same as normal pratas and also it’s healthier as it can control blood sugar and weight .   

  36. tay Reply

    @artofcopying I prefer the wholegrain options bcos I’ve not eaten prata in so so so long bcos it’s always associated with being unhealthy. But now with a wholegrain option, I would love to eat prata again bcos now it’s a healthier choice as well and I dont have to feel so guilty when eating it!! HAHA rly hope that I will get to try it :)))

  37. Gladys TAN Reply

    ig: refreshinglemon
    wholegrain prata is healtier and it bring eating prata together as a family to a new level!

  38. Sophia Ang Reply

    I love pratas but they aren’t exactly the healthiest food so a wholegrain version is fantastic and I would love to try it! ?

    IG: @notti.kitty

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