I am a busy working mom just like many of you and have to take care of my health to ensure my family is happy and of course for myself. As we age, we can’t depend only on food to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals and that’s where supplements come handy. Point to note: It’s food, sleep, active lifestyle and supplements help us to maintain energy levels and take life head on! Paquet has made Supplements Super Simple for me.

When it comes to choosing supplements, generally these are the points I consider:

  • Are they safe and certified?
  • Are the prices comparable with other brands?
  • What are the ingredients and benefits they claim to offer?
  • Are they convenient to take?

I am currently trying out Paquet and yes, they are working fine for me based on all the above pointers.

Take Paquet quiz

This is something I loved about Paquet. I don’t have to really go to the products page of their website and order randomly what I like or think I need. There’s a quiz that you can take and get recommendations from Paquet. I had some skin concerns, wanted to be energetic and ensure overall well being.

This is what they suggested and the packaging looked so cute!


Customized supplements packed for you is what Paquet is all about.

Paquet is safe and certified

Like mentioned above I wanted to ensure that Paquet products are certified. Yes, they are Australian Made, one of the most recognised awards in the Australian market. Sourced sustainably from their diverse wildlife and natural vegetation, the ingredients that go in Paquet are nothing short of the best.

If you are very strict vegetarian or vegan, do check FAQ. Also, do note that supplements are generally safe but if you have any specific allergies or anything then you should check with your health practitioner.

For me, I didn’t find any side effects whatsoever so yes, Paquet is safe for me.

Paquet prices are comparable with other brands

Price is important and I don’t want to take supplements that cost a big dent to my wallet. Come on, let’s be realistic here.

When I checked Paquet website, I found this table which you should also see. Paquet is quite affordable and comparable to other brands, I must say.


Ingredients and benefits Paquet products offer

Again, I am impressed by the way the website of Paquet details ingredients and products. All you have to do is click on the product and go through its benefits.

Example the Grapeseed capsules I am taking have all these benefits:


  1. Helps improve brain and cognitive function

    • Helps to prevent neurodegenerative processes both by inhibition of neuro-inflammation and by reducing oxidative stress

    • Helps to disrupt and disintegrate the structure of helical filaments key to Alzheimer’s Disease

  2. Helps reduce swelling and inflammation

    • Helps to decrease chronic inflammation by modulation of inflammatory pathways

    • Grapeseed shows high anti-inflammatory activity as they fight free radicals, prevent lipid peroxidation and inhibit formation of proinflammatory cytokines

    • May be beneficial to improving rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Helps improve heart health

    • Helps control blood sugar and glucose levels

      • May reduce metabolic syndrome and prevent development of obesity and type 2 diabetes

      • Taking Grapeseed extract regularly increases serum adiponectin, a hormone that acts to increase insulin sensitivity
    • Helps reduce blood pressure by protecting blood vessels from damage

      • Helps to enhance endothelial function, decrease LDL cholesterol oxidation, improving vascular function, altering blood lipids, and modulating inflammatory process

      • May help to inhibit thrombosis
  4. Helps to neutralise free radical damage that can lead to cancer, heart attack and stroke

  5. Helps improve liver health

    • Grapeseed’s strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect the liver, and helps against hepatotoxicity of alcohol (alcohol driven liver damage)

    • Helps suppress lipogenic enzymes in the liver

How elaborate right?

Paquet is super convenient to take

This is winner for Paquet actually. I can’t appreciate enough the packaging. It’s very convenient for on the go people! You can keep it in office too and carry conveniently when you are traveling. Hassle-free, hygienic and easy to consume.


Paquet helps me to keep in charge of my health conveniently. Do check out them.

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