I have been living out of India for more than a decade and often get amazed by the speed at which India is making progress in every field whether it is technology or finance. My mom keeps me updated with the investments she is doing and how a particular scheme is beneficial for her portfolio. She often mentions about Mutual Funds investment too. Being outside in India, many a times, I find it very confusing to understand the technical jargon. In fact, I feel that investment in mutual funds is a big hassle. Also, there are a few doubts associated with mutual funds investment and there is no one to guide NRIs like me in this aspect. Thankfully, this scene is changing rapidly by Orowealth.

Investing in India can be tricky since there are lots of rules and regulations for NRI investors. So am sure many of us must have focused in investing in Real Estate assets or Gold which has been traditionally the best option of investment or NRI-Fixed Deposits. These investments NRIs always consider convenient, safe and stable as far as returns are concerned. However, with the winds of reforms like demonetization blowing strongly in India, Investment options like Mutual Funds have fared well in terms of posting better returns – better even compared to other traditional products. From my own example, I can see that the thought process and behavior of investors is changing. Other than traditional options like Real Estate and other investments, people are considering Mutual Funds as a lucrative investment option. Rather than having dead or investments with low net yields like Real estate that gives just about 4%, or fixed deposits or traditional savings account with low interest rate, I will start looking at investment in Mutual Funds.

Still, it looks mind-boggling for Investors like me because we don’t have proper idea of how to go about investing in Mutual Funds, what will work for me, will it work according to my financial goals? Orowealth comes in picture at this point in time and make things comfortable for NRIs.

I would call Orowealth as a Wealth Manager for all! Read on to find more about Orowealth and how it makes Mutual Funds and other investments a breeze for NRIs.

What is Orowealth?

In a nutshell, Orowealth is the platform that offers direct mutual fund plans along with personalized touch to help people like us to make more from our investments. Orowealth also gives you an option of a dedicated financial advisor who will take into consideration your specific financial needs and will make a tailor-made investment plan for you.


What I liked about Orowealth is the feature that seamlessly allows you to switch your existing mutual fund investment into direct plans. Everyone might not have the same investing capacity. Thankfully this is recognized by Orowealth and they help you in creating custom-made portfolios based on how much risk you want to take and what are your financial goals. Orowealth watches customer’s portfolio carefully and comes up with suggestions for changes in case needed.


Understanding Mutual Funds with Direct Plan

Frankly speaking, I totally didn’t know why Mutual Funds with Direct Plan make such a difference. I mean Mutual Funds are supposed to be Mutual Funds right? If you are sailing in the same boat like me, do watch this video to understand the difference between Mutual Funds Plans and Mutual Funds Direct Plans.

In reality, we are paying commissions on our Mutual Funds investments with Regular plan that gets cut every year from our returns. An eye-opener I would say. I am going to check with my mom who is quite a veteran as far as Mutual Funds Investments whether she knew this.

When we opt for Mutual Funds Direct Plans, it’s very much possible to avoid paying hefty commissions.

Orowealth is India’s first 0% commission platform that guides us in buying Mutual Funds with Direct Plan with an ease. In fact with the Gold plan, Orowealth helps in arranging a free call with a financial advisor while in the Platinum plan, unlimited calls with personal financial advisors can be arranged.

What I think is that for Convenience, neutral recommendations, simplified investment processes and portfolio management and when we don’t intend to pay unnecessary large commissions, don’t intend to involve intermediaries then Orowealth is surely going to work well – Not only for Mutual Funds but all other types of investments too.

Why Orowealth is an Investment savior for NRIs?

I live outside India and don’t really visit it every now and then. Also, as a working professional, I don’t get much time to handle nitty-gritties that are needed for any investment.  For me just like many of you, Investment options should take the stress off and provide end-to-end result. I am not a financial whiz and definitely need some expert whom I can trust when it comes to investments – especially Mutual Funds investment. Here are some of the reasons why I would choose Orowealth for Mutual Funds Direct Plans and other investments:

  • End to End Paperless Platform – I am a soft copy person and prefer online platform. Save Earth and Save your bucks! Orowealth is a website and a mobile app that lets me go paperless.
  • Online platform + personal advice in direct mutual funds – Orowealth’s niche is Services in Direct Mutual Funds that is what I was looking for. Online platform + personal advice is a double help for me.
  • One more issue some of us must have faced with Mutual Funds investments. We did them when we were still residing in India but now we fail to update the Residential status after moving abroad. This creates great problems at the time of redemption or switching or rebalancing. Orowealth takes care of updating all the necessary details under every existing folio to avoid such issues. That means no headache for me!
  • As we know, NRI’s can invest through two different tax statuses, NRE and NRO. NRE investments are fully repatriable into foreign currency. Whereas NRO is INR based investments, NRO is generally used when the user still has income generated in India. Furthermore, if you invest through NRE you will need to physically submit FIRC(Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) from your bank to the AMCs at the time of redemptions. But at OROwealth you will simply need to upload your bank statement to avoid these hassles. This is cool, isn’t it?
  • Those of you who are NRIs from USA and Canada have the biggest drawback in terms of any Indian Investments. As per the FATCA agreement, you must report any investment to your respective governments. This restricts the choice of Mututal Funds only to:
    • Reliance Mutual Fund
    • Aditya Birla Mutual Fund
    • L&T Mutual Fund

The above companies allow NRI investments, but there are additional declarations that need to be submitted to them at the time of investments physically. This is indeed a big dampener. However, Orowealth takes away the pain and all you have to do is:  simply send a scanned image of the declaration. That’s it!

  • This chat bot is ready to help you the moment you visit Orowealth’s website. The overall User Interface of the site is straightforward and easy to understand even for a layperson.


  • No pressure on the investor to commit to invest any minimum or maximum. Investments are Goal Based at Orowealth.
  • Ease of Use and Round the Clock Service – I am in a different timezone and hence this is much needed.
  • Financial Planning – Overall advice about managing finances. This is a cool feature too since as an Investor, I might have lots of other queries other than Mutual Funds Direct Plans.
  • Straightforward and prompt service – very important else as an NRIs, I am sure to feel lost.
  • Analytics and Live Tracking – as an IT pro, I totally understand how much important Analytics is. I need to know the latest trends and what’s going on with my investment.

In a summary, Orowealth platform provides you all this as a paperless experience that is also hassle-free and helps you to invest in Direct plans via Orowealth’s website and mobile apps. Mobile apps – Did you read the convenience on the fingertips here?

More Info about Orowealth can be found here:

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