Recently, I noticed that my husband was tossing and turning in bed more than usual and complaining about back pain. It was then I realized that we have been using our mattress for a little over 10 years and it was high time to change the mattress.

On average, we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. Furthermore, since we work so hard for the rest of the time. Don’t you think that we deserve something better? This led me on the search for a new mattress so that we get our much-deserved good night of rest.

In the past, we have usually bought home decor, bed linens, and other stuff from traditional retail stores mainly because it gave me a bit of assurance. This time though, we decided to get something else due to a recommendation from a friend after I told her that my husband had trouble sleeping.  She told me to check out IUIGA as she had previously bought their quilt cover set and was very happy with her purchase as the quality was very good while the price was very reasonable. At first, I was a bit sceptical until I saw that IUIGA has a 30-day free returns policy which gave me a peace of mind. I was also put off by the price that these traditional retail stores were charging. With that, I whipped out my credit card to buy the Seventh Heaven Memory Foam Mattress (King and Queen) for my Queen-sized bed along with this cool quilt cover set.

Read on to find out about my shopping experience and why I would highly recommend this bed and the quilt cover.


1. Expensive doesn’t mean the Best:

I have seen my friends making purchases just by looking at the price tag and assuming that it’ll be of good quality without doing much research.  In fact, I myself have indulgently done such shopping. But in reality, the hefty price tag doesn’t guarantee a great product and you might end up overpaying.

We had always bought from usual retailer stores when it comes to home decor, mattresses and bed linens. So, I went to some mattress retail stores in Singapore to look around However, I was a bit put off by the price. This time, we decided to go online based on the recommendation from my friend, and the assurance of the 30 days return policy.

When I checked out the mattress on the IUIGA site I was shocked to find this chart.



I did not expect them to be so transparent about the cost of the product and their mark-up. I also realized that the traditional mattress retail store I visited earlier was charging this inflated $3299 price.

I love this information. It gives you a complete picture if the breakdown of cost and how inflated the profit will be for retailers. The cost breakdown of every product, and as well as IUIGA’s profit margins, are all revealed on their website. As a customer I really appreciate their honesty.

However, I was still curious about how come IUIGA can offer such rock-bottom prices. So, I went digging about their site to look at their business model.  They are able to offer these low low prices due to their Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business model. Firstly, they work directly with a curated list of manufacturers that also sell their products to renowned brands like Muji, Samsonite, WMF, Sephora etc. They then sell these products directly to the customers. This eliminates all the middle men mark-ups and results in huge cost savings. These savings are then passed to the customers like us.

If you are buying from IUIGA, you are sure to save quite a lot of your precious $$$s.

2. Same size doesn’t fit all and same firmness doesn’t suit all:

Now on to the Seventh Heaven Mattress In my home, am the only one who can sleep like a log on any mattress. Hubby and kids just can’t unless they have their own cozy cocoon. Kids need fluffy and soft mattresses and hubby needs firmer variety.


That means I can’t really buy 3 x whatever mattress for our beds. Again, the bed sizes are different – Queen, Super Single, and Single. To find a mattress you’re comfortable with you need to consider several other factors, like the size, firmness, and type of materials used in the mattress. Thankfully, IUIGA provides all these details on their website that let me get a feel of the mattress. Plus, this mattress comes with 10 years warranty.


Generally, when you get any mattress home, I find it very tedious to set up and generally get the store to do the assembly. This time however when IUIGA delivery of Seventh Heaven Foam Mattress came in, the delivery uncle told me to try it myself because it’s very easy. He also added the fact that this mattress seems to be very good because he keeps having to deliver it!

IUIGA’s Seventh Heaven mattress conveniently arrived compressed inside a box. We were thinking how it will convert into a Queen Size mattress. It’s actually a self-expanding package and when you unbox it, it expands in a jiffy and becomes the beautiful mattress.

All we did was:

  • Unrolled the mattress on a flat surface. After 5 to 10 minutes, cut a small corner slit in the inner plastic bag, and allowed the mattress to fully decompress.
  • After 20 to 30 minutes, we unwrapped the entire plastic bag. The mattress was already ready to be used.
  • After 3-4 hours we found that mattress has expanded to its full original shape and size.

Quite fun and you can’t help but admire the technology.

After a few days of trying, I can safely say that we are loving our Seventh Heaven Foam Mattress! It’s soothing to our backs – supportive and sturdy. When it comes to kids, they are getting used to it too. The only thing they can’t do is jumping on it crazily because it’s sturdy. However, they don’t like sleeping on it because it’s not soft soft like they would have liked. Ha ha!

3. Quality:

For me, trusting the products is very important. Unless I get that feeling that this product will be really good for my home, I avoid to buy it. I have shopped on impulse many times and now consciously try not to repeat the mistake.

There’s always a dilemma to choose between premium brands that were exorbitantly costly or brands with mass appeal that are of lower quality.

Is it possible to get a mattress that is great in price and quality? In my opinion yes!

We are very very happy with the quality of our Seventh Heaven Memory Foam Mattress and the price which is a steal when you compare to shops like Muji that sell it for a lot more.


When we bought the mattress, it was natural to get Quilt Cover Set to go with it. On IUIGA, there are many great bed linens available. We chose this pretty Classic Pinstriped Quilt Cover Set.

First of all, lemme tell you that it feels soft soft, cooling and looks and feels very classy and high quality. Also, it is just so perfect for my kids’ skin and my own sensitive skin.  as it is made with hypoallergenic Cotton Jersey.  Importantly, it looks very classy and its baby-friendly fabric gets softer with every wash.


On top of these bed linens they sell a wide range of home essentials and even things like luggages.

4. Returns and Delivery:

I have faced situations where I buy the item and then I find that it’s not suitable for me. But I have to ­bear with it because there’s no return/exchange policy or even if it’s there, it’s very rigid.

Thankfully for my Seventh Heaven Memory Foam Mattress, Classic Pinstriped Quilt Cover Set and other IUIGA products there’s this flexibility of 30-day free returns policy! All you have to do is simply drop them an email with your IUIGA order details and the friendly customer service team will be in touch shortly.

Another issue that I have faced is delivery. Buy online or buy from retailers, there could be delays before you actually get the products at home. On top of it, many times, I have to shell out extra bucks for delivery! With our IUIGA purchases, I was in for a sweet surprise. Their Free Next Day Delivery (Min. $88 spend) gets your product at your doorstep the next working day if you place your order before 3 pm.  I ordered my mattress on Monday at around noon and was pleasantly surprised to receive it the next day. Do note that they only deliver and operate in Singapore at the moment.

Just sharing this with you guys because I feel this is a good purchase. I would genuinely recommend this mattress and quilt set for anyone looking to change their mattress or upgrade new bed linen. ­

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