Kids grow very fast and this is what entire Momtribe will unanimously agree with. As a parent all we can do is enjoy each phase of their childhood, live it up with them, take photos and videos and make beautiful memories that they will love to look back at when they grow up. As a blogger mom, I love to document my thoughts through the blog posts on RainbowDiaries.

Well, coming straight to the topic, my boy Shrihaan is in K2 and that means he will be finishing his pre-school this year before taking the big plunge to the Primary school. K2 graduation is a big milestone for the little ones and school concert plays a very important role in this year of pre-school. It’s their first taste of how things are going to be in Primary school!

Recently, Shrihaan’s K2 concert took place in The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) of Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands. Here’s a quick account of what happens in kids’ K2 concert, what they learn and what to expect as a parent.

  1. Teachers and their kudos-worthy efforts – First of all, I must give 100% credit to the amazing teachers of Sparkle Tots Kindergarten where Shrihaan studies. The teachers and other staff members put in herculean efforts because getting such spectacular performance out of 6 year old children is not a child’s play! So as parents we must extend our full support and appreciation for teachers.
  2. Practice Sessions – For 6-year olds, the practice sessions can turn out to be quite gruelling and the practice starts well in advance like 6 months before. Practice makes man perfect and it’s much needed to perfect their moves. I was getting jittery whether Shri can cope up with practice sessions, will he get tired etc etc. In last few days before the actual concert, there were 2-3 full rehearsals that spanned the entire day and Shri was defintely tired with legs paining. But his excitement beat the tiredness out!

3. On the D-Day before the concert begins – Actual Concert day is going to be full of hustle-bustle. Kids need to reach school early and get ready. Costume, Makeup and One more round of practice before they are off to the venue. Lots of moms volunteered and got the kids ready. See Shri in his costume. I loved the way they designed costumes. Glamorous that will stand out on the stage and very trendy!


This pre-school boy with specs started looking quite smart already with that costume on. Makeup, Glitter and Gelled Spiky hair and here’s my Litter Swagger in his element.


4. It’s Showtime! – Yoo hoo. All the parents were very excited and were looking forward to see their kids rocking the stage. We too were not an exception. After all, I had no idea how he would be on stage. As such he is a talkative, social and confident-looking boy. But stage scares even adults and this was a proper theatre full of people and the stage was BIG. Without any expectations and with the only objective of having fun, I watched his performance and he did good! Didn’t forget the steps, didn’t miss the rhythm, didn’t stop, didn’t freeze…He was in the center all the time so I thought he would fumble at one point or another. He continued confidently and all his friends completed the performance very nicely.

Here’s a snippet –

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for parents and kids and it’s a beautiful memory that they will love to cherish in years to come. ♥

Tips for parents to make the kids maximize the joy of the Kindergarten Concert:

  • Encourage kids to take part – It was not compulsory that all kids must take part in the concert. Shrihaan looked very interested as he likes dance and hence we encouraged him to go ahead and enroll.
  • Ask them regularly about the concert updates – how is the preparation going on, are they following the steps, any obstacles, any other issues.
  • Take care of their health – I have always faced it! Kids will fall sick at important occasions and will miss out. It’s necessary that we monitor their health and take proactive steps so that they don’t fall sick. Good rest, Good food and Happy kids is all we have to ensure.
  • Let the kids enjoy and explore – I have always believed in NO SPOON FEEDING. I do give the kids some tips and tricks but no micro-management! I let them try, fail and learn. Same for Kindergarten Concert…Shri found his own way to learn, work with team, take pressure of hard work and laugh away with the fruits of it.

Do share with me your experiences of Kids school performances as well. Sharing is Caring. ♥

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