Singapore Foodies are always on the lookout for authentic food that tickles the taste buds. On our recent food adventure, we visited this gem of a restaurant at Jurong Point and we must say that it’s a must visit not only for its top notch food but for the amazing heartwarming service by the staff. Read on our  review of Pavilion Banana Leaf.


Where is it?

Located in one of the happening malls of Singapore i.e. Jurong Point, you will find spacious Pavilion Banana Leaf. The mall is connected to Boon Lay MRT and that makes reaching here very convenient via Green Line.

Why were we curious to visit and eat at Pavilion Banana Leaf?

Pavilion Banana Leaf is a casual dining restaurant specializing in South Indian cuisine. It is a first-time partnership between First Gourmet and Indian celebrity chef Dr. Chef Damodharan, better known as Dr. Chef Damu to his legions of fans. With the expertise of Indian cuisine operations from First Gourmet, together with Dr. Chef Damu’s specialty in Chettinad fare, the two powerhouses worked hand-in-hand to design and conceptualize the menu and recipes for the restaurant.


Now First Gourmet is always loved by us because they are the ones behind Zaffron Kitchen, Prata Wala, Ottoman and Jai Ho – places that we are a regular at. Chef Damu is a stalwart and well respected in the culinary field. Specializing in Southern Indian Cuisine, the veteran culinary master has bagged countless awards and even has a Guinness World Record under his belt.Having tasted and relished the food at all the other places by First Gourmet, we had high level of curiosity and expectations from Pavilion Banana Leaf.

Pavilion Banana Leaf (PBL) is previously known as Zaffron Banana Leaf. Now it’s Halal certified so Muslim brothers and sisters also can visit it.

There’s no dearth of Indian food in Singapore and ample variety of dishes are always available. My personal choice is to eat something that’s authentic and something that fusions the original to create a new culinary delight. We got exactly that in Pavilion Banana Leaf.

What we ate?

Okay, first of all, let me tell you that the menu of Pavilion Banana Leaf is very comprehensive. So much choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Yes, I follow vegetarian diet but that doesn’t stop me from bringing to you yummylicious information about meat and seafood dishes. Lots of my mom friends are hardcore lovers of Non-veg just like many of them are vegetarians! Simple rule of thumb at : Eat well, Sleep well, Be Happy!

  • Vegetarian Set Meal


Do I have to say anything? The picture is enough to showcase the freshness of it. Those of you are craving for simple yet tasty home-cooked kind of food then you must eat this Vegetarian Set Meal. Light on stomach and right balance of traditional spices make this meal a fulfilling treat. Did you spot that amazing sweet Moong Dal Halwa? It was drool-worthy.

Also known as Saiva Saappadu, this set meal consists of  White Rice, 1 chapatti, 2 Veg, Sambar, Rasam, Vegetable Korma, Curd, Papadam, Pickle, Dessert. Reasonably priced at $9.80!

  • Chilli Paneer (Vegetarian)

Chilli Paneer AKA Paalkatti Milakaai Piratal is one cool dish. We had a very tasty version of it at Pavilion Banana Leaf. Cottage cheese cubes is tossed with fresh red chillies and spices and you get Chilli Paneer. Its price is $9.80.

  • Pavilion Tandoori Platter for 4

Friends who eat together, stay together! If you are going with your fam jam or friends at Pavilion Banana Leaf then we strongly recommend you all to try Pavilion Tandoori Platter. It’s easily enough for 4-5 pax and the price of $39.50 is a complete value for money.


One heady combo of Malai kebab, chicken tikka, mutton seekh kebab, murg pudina and fish tikka and you are in for a volcano of taste. We loved all types of kebabs that are on the platter – especially Malai Kebab was really smooth. Mutton Seekh Kebab could be a bit moister. Otherwise, the taste is just perfect!

  • Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is an ever-popular dish. This dish has lots of nuisances and need to be prepared with lot of TLC. We definitely like Butter Chicken at Pavilion Banana Leaf and it’s something that all in the family can eat. Chicken Tikka is marinated in yogurt, spice mixture, and then it is simmered in tomato, cashew nuts, butter flavoured gravy accented with dry fenugreek. The price of $17 you pay for Butter Chicken is worth it.


Did you notice the generous amount of cream spread on this Butter Chicken? That’s a very natural thing for Pavilion Banana Leaf. Everything comes in a good size portion and is prepared with utmost love that can reflect in the taste. Chef Damu’s magic at work we will say!

  • Lamb Shank Biryani

This is one of the signature dishes of Pavilion Banana Leaf and KIV this 100% on your next visit to Pavilion Banana Leaf. Priced at $21.80 and you’ll like it we are sure.

  • Dum Chicken Biryani

Dum Chicken Biryani is also called as Kozhi Kari Biryani and it’s priced at $11.80. This is Chef’s Special and you shouldn’t miss it. Especially when you are going with friends and family, there’s always joy to share with them. When all eat together over chat, the dish like Dum Chicken Biryani adds to the happiness.

  • Naan (Garlic, Cheese and assorted)

With all the curries we ate, we of course needed Naans and rotis. There are quite a few assortments available. We found that Naans were freshly made and soft to eat. We had kids with us and they loved the food too.

  • Moong Dal Halwa

Desserts are like the icing on the cake. Actually we were more than full after giving justice to all the above dishes but real foodie will never say no to desserts. That was the right way to end the gastronomic treat at Pavilion Banana Leaf.

Moong Dal Halwa is a warm, rich, and buttery dessert made of lentils, milk, butter, and sugar. It tastes heavenly and is a traditional favorite for auspicious and special occasions. It’s available at just $5.80.

We couldn’t help but go Facebook Live due to all the foodie fun we had at Pavilion Banana Leaf. Take a look at this fun video.

What we tasted is like a tip of an iceberg. Check out the comprehensive menu of Pavilion Banana Leaf here.

Ambience and Service:

2 extra points for the staff here. Humble, helpful and customer focused. Don’t you think the quality of service makes or breaks the food experience?

Pavilion Banana Leaf is quite spacious and clean n conducive for eating. Vibrant!

Liked our review? Then do visit Pavilion Banana Leaf. Share with us your reviews and pics too.

More Info:

Pavilion Banana Leaf

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point #03-58/59, 648886
Website | FacebookInstagram

Pic courtesy: Pavilion Banana Leaf

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