In our day to day life, there are many situations that can potentially boggle us down. Situations where you are left alone, demotivated and completely lost. Life is not a bed of roses and struggle is an integral part of it. How you tackle difficult times and overcome the obstacles defines you and there’s never too late to be Your Better Version.

As a mom, I personally have gone through a very complicated pregnancy and a birth of a micro-preemie girl. Those clueless days in NICU are still very vivid in my memory. This phase made me realize the importance of being a parent, value of having kids. Glad that I emerged as a Better Version of myself through this experience.

All these thoughts are running through my mind after watching the first episode of Videohouze’s new Web Series – Your Better Version.

First of all lemme tell you how good are Videohouze peeps when it comes to Videography. They did such a stupendous job for our Mom N Me Fashionista event. It was a big one with a telecast and we were quite worried whether the Videographers would cover the crowd and performances and so on. It was par excellence and Videohouze made my Momtribe who attended the event look even more beautiful.

Coming back to the web series of Your Better Version, I think it’s important to watch it for all of us. It’s about People from all walks of life and how they emerged as a better version of themselves despite of challenges faced.

Example is this episode on KP Sandhu whom we have seen as an enthusiastic Emcee of various big events and how he made it big in Singapore. Do watch!

The first episode featured Mr. Manoj Thakur whom we know for his amazing Vyasa Yoga.

I can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes. You too subscribe to Videohouze’s YouTube Channel and Don’t forget to press the bell icon to get regular updates.

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