Well, the title looks so pro for this post. The fact is that it comes from a novice model like me! Actually that’s the reason, it’s completely honest and straight based on my experience. So without further ado, lemme share with you some tips and tricks based on my recent personal outdoor photoshoot with India-based photographer Megha of Sunflare Arthouse.

Be Yourself:

Well, in the above picture, I look not bad according to my own strict yardstick of measuring beauty or smartness or that x-factor. The reality is – for this photoshoot, I had met Megha who was visiting Singapore for a few days straight after hard day’s work. I was tired, my hair were messy and I had no makeup except a dab of some random shade of lipstick.

Actually, I wanted to keep it natural and straightforward. NO PRETENCE! You should be comfortable in your skin. period. You may be fat or short or you may have dark skin color or may be not very young. It doesn’t matter at all as long as you accept that you are beautiful in your own unique way. That’s it. Once you are yourself, that will be reflected in pics. Be good, do good and your photos will be good.

Of course, if you are working on a particular theme for the photoshoot, yes, you need to adhere to it – clothes, makeup, accessories, props and so on. Example: When I did Outdoor photoshoot with kids and hubby, I followed these key points. But for me, the basic thumb rule is still the same – Be Yourself.

When it comes to posing, I have seen some ladies trying verrryyyy hard to pose like this model or that actress etc. Sorry, it looks very LOL and artificial. Be Natural and Show your personality through your pics.

Thankfully, Megha worked around however I was looking and whatever I was doing and the pics were just awesome!

Take the maximum advantage of Natural Light:

I have always always observed that I look much better in natural light. It accentuates my skin tone and hides away flaws to a great extent. Even without makeup, the light weaves its magic and makes one look GOOD.


In the above photo, the time was evening around 5:30-6. The light was just perfect and evening was playing with the colors of sky. Megha captured these shades of evening light on the background and foreground (i.e. Me) wonderfully.

What I liked about the capture is the cleft chin of mine showing up nicely and adding sharpness to the face cut. Megha thanks to you for making those flabby arms look less ugly!

Connect with the Photographer:

We can’t be ourselves if the photog is a complete stranger. At least some chitchat, some breaking of ice is needed. Megha was telling me that at Sunflare Arthouse, she ensures that she connects with the people she works. We chatted for a while before we began the shoot and that’s why there was certain comfort level.

I loved her work and our conversation that ranged from India to Singapore to food to jobs to family. You guys do check out her work too. If you are in India, she can help you out with great photos for any special occasion of yours.

and If you need any natural model for your photo shoots, do call me! Big ROFL smiley…

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