Singapore drivers, take a look at below situations. Have you been into any of these unfortunately? Read on to find out how TireCare comes to your rescue.

Situation 1: You are on way to Malaysia in a happy vacation mood…and phat! the tyre of your car goes FLAT…Wow, too bad a situation because you have no idea where to search the mechanic, what fees they are going to charge, whether the repair will be done quickly.

Situation 2: You are in Singapore and suddenly on the middle of the road, your car tyre gives up. Tow Tow Tow your car gently down the road then. Sigh!

Situation 3: You are motorbike or bicycle owner stuck in a similar situation like 1 or 2?


As a driver of any vehicle – car, motorbike or bicycle – you definitely need TireCare as our experience says!

A few days back, one of our car tyres was behaving weirdly. We filled up air, it used to still show “Low air” always. Something was wrong. Hubby was super-busy in office and didn’t get any time to get an elaborate check and repairs done. Don’t forget the $$$s that you have to spend…

DIY or Self-Help is actually the best. But with car and tyres, is it possible? Yes, exactly here, TireCare comes in picture. The friendly peeps from TireCare came over and showed us how punctures can be fixed permanently in minutes without any professional help and how easy it is to do so.


What you see above is TireCare Revival Kit SINGLE (Passenger Car). This kit in fact fixed the flat tyre of our car.

What’s inside?

  • 1 x Anti-Puncture CAR Sealant (400ml)
  • 1 x TireCare Mobile Air Compressor
  • 1 x Easy DIY Application kit
  • 5 years Sealant Shelf Life (from production date)
  • 5 years warranty (Mobile Air Compressor)

If you already have your own air pump, then you can just buy the standalone TireCare formula.

What to expect?

  • Easy application: fix the tyre in less than 10 mins.
  • No need to head back to workshop for additional repair or to wash out the sealant
  • One bottle of TireCare can be used for multiple punctures

How it works?


It’s seriously very easy…Layperson like me could do it as well. Watch this video and you know how to use it! Simple.

Why we liked about TireCare Revival Kit?

  • TireCare is a permanent fix, meaning you don’t have to spend extra time and money to visit a workshop to further repair the tyre. My car’s flat tyre is completely FIT now. No issues!
  • TireCare is harmless to rims / tyres / TPMS which can potentially cause corrosive damage. This means there is no need to wash out tirecare sealant after-application!
  • Receive the added assurance of our local warranty and support. I loved the customer service of TireCare guys. Very professional, very prompt.
  • Convenience of use. Just let it be there in your car boot and it comes handy. No need to search car mechanics, no need to get stranded on the roads, no need to burn your wallet.
  • Cost effective solution.

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