Long time and I had not done anything for my hair. There were to their usual self – Dry, Frizzy, Rough and Messy…Like grass – uncontrolled, uncared…My hair were craving screaming for my attention! Hair Mori Korean Salon, I can’t thank you enough for giving them that-much-much-needed makeover. Now, hair definitely look better and I feel confident about them.

Read on to find how Hair Mori Korean Salon’s experienced Director transformed my hair from mess to magic. In fact, I have got an amazing “Hair Makeover Giveaway” also for you!

Where’s Hair Mori Korean Salon?

Okay, I love this mall – at a central place and yet away from maddening crowd. Yes, Hair Mori Korean Salon is located in The Centrepoint mall which is at stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT.



I liked the ambience of Hair Mori Korean Salon. Neat, clean and conducive for hair pampering. You can sip on the drink or tea that the courteous staff offers, browse through some magazines while the stylists are working on your hair. So Shiok! Many busy moms like me need such moments in their life. Don’t you agree?


Only K-styles or more at Hair Mori Korean Salon?

This was the first question I asked the director and stylists there. Nah! Hair Mori Korean Salon does K-styles prominently, that’s not all they have. Hair Mori offers lots of other services for hair. Take a look at their menu here.

Look at the mess that Hair Mori Korean Salon had to work on:


I felt really shameful when I looked at above pic! I mean seriously what kind of hair are they? Do they really belong to me…Yikes…

Look at the uneven color tone, look at those frizzy split ends, shapeless and what not. When Director Stephanie showed me this pic, I had serious doubts whether anything can be done to this hair mess.

Magic begins…

Director Stephanie sounded confident and she quickly analyzed my hair and decided the next course of action. On top of it, crazy customer AKA me kept telling her that I have to go back home as early as possible. Expert that she is effectively completed the treatment on time and the result was more than wow.

Step 1: Highlights and Color by Hair Mori Korean Salon

I have used henna in the past for my hair and that’s why Stephanie suggested that I shouldn’t go for drastic color change in one go. According to her, color that will keep the beauty of henna tints in-tact and still cover the grey effectively was needed for my hair.


Take a look at the below pic. She did sectioning and highlighted a few sections with the reddish-orange color that would turn out like henna color. For the remaining hair, she opted for brown to dark brown shade to match my natural hair color.


Step 2: Wash, Mucota Scena Treatment and again Wash

Okay, after keeping the color and let it work its way to cover my grey and give natural highlights for around 45 mins, it’s time to wash it off.

While they were washing hair, I gained some pearls of wisdom. How beautiful are these words…


Mucota treatment works very well for hair texture like mine. Mucota is like a wonder medicine for dry and damaged hair. It smoothens and soothes hair. Very manageable hair is what you can expect after the treatment.


Step 3: Hair trim and Temp Curls

Some time ago, I had gone to some random salon and had further damaged my hair where they chopped off my traces and made the hair quite short. Hair Mori’s friendly peeps said that no point in cutting hair further and decided to give a quick sleek trim.


See how beautiful the hair look already. Soft, supple, smooth, trimmed, groomed – I can go on and on with various adjectives.

I was very happy already…But Stephanie wanted my hair to look even better. She used irons and created these amazing temporary perm. Perfect for any event, special occasion, party or even for power meetings at work, this effect looks just perfect.

Drumrolls…for that magical end result ♥


and one more…


Don’t you think, good hair make you look so much better? Looking at my own pic, I was delighted…Indeed, Mess to Magic is definitely possible. Thanks so much Hair Mori Korean Salon. By the way, can I make these temp curls perm? Hmmm, can’t wait to visit Hair Mori Korean Salon again. ♥


More Info about Hair Mori Korean Salon:


176 Orchard Rd #02-35 Centre Point S238843

Tel : (+65) 6262-6088

Timings: 10:00 – 20:00

Facebook | Instagram | Web

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