My Husband strives for excellence whether at work or home. When it comes to choose clothes or other personal stuff, he applies the same principle. I always find his choices “atas”. For those not familiar with Singlish, atas is a term used for high / premium quality. He is very happy to find a perfect companion when it comes to answering calls or listening to music – Sudio Tre Earphones – his new favorite.


Why do we say that Sudio Tre Earphones are music to our ears?


After getting Sudio, my man has been using it very regularly. I see him listening to music and the sound quality is so clear even when his laptop is in another room and he is relaxing in another – crystal clear is the word!


So, I just asked him – how do you categorize an earphone as an excellent earphone. He said he is loving Sudio TRE Black earphones for 3 things:

Superior Quality

Quality is King and when it comes to earphones, there should not be any compromise. I have used some trashy earphones that really made my ears hurt. So yes, Sudio Tre Earphones score A+ in this department.

Sudio has always been one of the best and has blown people’s minds with their earlier collection. Sudio Tre is not an exception! We loved its quality. Crystal clear sound like I earlier mentioned. Each beat of the music is heard clearly and the balance between highs, mids and lows is well-maintained. Even when you are walking or running or traveling, it gives the same perfect sound quality.


Elegance and Ease of use

Some earphones deliver quite good but when it comes to their looks or ease of use, they fail miserably. Either too bulky or too flimsy or difficult to use. Have you experienced earphones that just refuse to stay in place or get tangled? I surely have. Thank goodness with Sudio, we have no such issues. It comes with 3 pairs of wing tips. See how beautifully it fits the ears. My hubby jogs with them on and still they stay fit. Yes, they are light on ears and ears don’t hurt even after wearing them for longer duration. It’s very easy to take the call and adjust the volume.


Sudio Tre Earphones are extremely elegant and handsome-looking, sleek with wonderful finish that is effortlessly classy. We chose black color and I am sure the other colors – pink, white and blue will look equally cool. It’s like a piece of jewelry you would always love to wear.



Powered by Bluetooth 4.1 and Built-in mic, Sudio Tre Earphones are lightweight at just 35 g. They provide a range of up to 10 meters and charging is fast – 10 minutes for a quick charge and 120 minutes for full. Sudio Tre Earphone’s finish is high polished metal. What we love is the battery time – 9 hours when we are actively using it. For a busy professional who likes to pack work and play all in one day, Sudio is an awesome choice. Battery time on standby is 10 days.

Okay, now some technical jargon for people who understand it. The speaker type of Sudio Tre Earphones is 15,2 mm dynamic speaker and sensitivity is 103 ± 3dB SPL @ 1 kHz 178mV to capture every detailing of the sound and frequency Response stands at 20 Hz – 20 kHz.

The feature of Sudio Tre Earphones that I found very important is called “The Tre sound signature”. The listening is even as it offers full sound transparency. This facilitates the user to hear their surroundings without having to remove the earphones. You won’t be caught off guard by unexpected street noise and conversation, even while listening to your favorite tunes.

While technology of Sudio is the latest and the best, they believe that the human eye cannot be fooled therefore Sudio has chosen to continue with handmade details for the majority of the production process.


What’s in the pack of Sudio Tre Earphones?


– Tre earphones with 3 pairs of wing tips


– Owners Manual & Quality Assurance Card


– Leather Carrying Case


– Metal Clip

– Charging Cable


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Complimentary tote bag with every purchase.

We are absolutely enjoying using our Sudio Tre Earphones! Are you a proud owner of Sudio too?


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