S h o e s!!! I have them in all sizes and colors. Which family doesn’t have? School shoes, Office shoes, Sports shoes, Slippers, Casual shoes…When it comes to taking care of shoes, I am always lazy and try to push that work as much as I can. All thanks to isShoe, things are now quite streamlined and our footwear looks good, feels good, smells good and is stored good. Did we spend a bomb for all this? Not at all, isShoe is all about affordable and quality shoe care.


Odaf Bamboo Wood Shoe Rack

Caring for your footwear begins with by getting a good shoe rack. Glad that I found Odaf Bamboo Shoe Rack from isShoe.

Are you too looking for a simple yet classy shoe rack? then try this Odaf Shoe Rack. It is hand-crafted using premium bamboo wood. Odaf Bamboo wood shoe rack is pretty strong and each layer is able to withstand up to 6kg of weight.

At my home, my hubby and boy set it up very fast. Fun!


isShoe : Repulse Hydrophobic Spray

  • 250ml Hydrophobic Spray
  • Odourless & Colourless
  • Repels liquid with New 2018 Formula
  • Spray to Apply, dries in 15 minutes!

Watch how to use it here.

isShoe Remove : Active Carbon Deodorizer

I must make special mention of this product because shoe cupboard can have very foul smell with all the shoes inside it.

isShoe Remove active carbon deodorizer that am using looks very cute and efficiently removes moisture and odours. It’s Anti-Fungal. Plus point is it’s environment friendly.


SCENTIA – INSTANT Shoe Deodorizer

Must-use! Shoes stink and that smell can be killing. Not only adults but even kids shoes smell like a rat!!! Moms, don’t you agree? We needed Scentia badly.

I loved the fact that it’s gentle on skin, does not cause allergy and has all the natural ingredients. Smell vanishes instantly and it’s easy to use with its spray nozzle. I find it very cost-effective because it lasts up to 200 applications.


REFRESH – Shoe Wash Kit

I so so needed it! 2 kids and 4 pairs of school shoes. School shoes are bound to get dirty and dirtier because kids use them while doing PE and other activities in school. Not to forget the mud stains during rainy season. We used to keep washing school shoes every weekend and believe me it’s headache – they never dried on time, the material kept getting spoilt. All mess.


We now use isShoe’s Refresh Shoe Wash Kit that comes with 100ml of 99.3% biodegradable cleaning solution and high-grade 80% microfiber cleaning towel to wipe 99% of dirt away!

I find it effective because:

  • It’s gentle on shoes, tough on dirt and grimes
  • It has very fresh Oceanic Scent
  • Colourless Solution so no worries for shoe colours
  • The brush has faux bristles with Solid Wooden Handle
  • All rounded application from soles to shoe laces.
  • Up to 100 applications


We buy shoes and we use them – everyday walking in them. They deserve to be stored properly. Isn’t it? Storing shoes in appropriate shoe storage box is a must. It not only prolongs their life but gives a clean look to your shoe cupboard.


isShoe has an impressive collection of shoe storage boxes. Easy to setup and great to look!


More Info:

Website: https://www.isshoe.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isshoe.sg/


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