There’s a saying that What you seek is seeking you. I would say that – keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back.

In this cut-throat world of today where everyone has to run to earn livelihood, we just don’t have time or rather we don’t take out time to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

I participated in this blog train because of 3 reasons:

  • I loved the topic. Simple yet meaningful.
  • In this train there are lots of fellow bloggers with whom I regularly interact.
  • Last but the most important reason is to take a pause for a moment and document the things that make me truly happy.


Undoubtedly it’s the backbone without which nothing exists, nothing matters. Time spend with hubby and kids, with my parents is the most valuable time.

It could be cuddling and lazing around on the bed, random hugs and kisses, irritating each other, playing pranks…or travelling together, lunching or dining out, taking trip to a grocery shop. Every little thing that I do with my family brings big happiness.


Perhaps one of the most important factor that ensures we are happy. Health is wealth and if we remain in the pink of health then lots of things automatically fall in place. Our work is done quickly, our state of mind is happy. Somehow, health is something we keep taking for granted and eat junk. For me, junk eating is controlled but exercise?! Quite less I must say. Happiness quotient on health aspect is lower for me and I can do much better.



Love your work and work what you love. Work – whether from office, from home, part time or full time or voluntary should bring happiness. It might be in the form of financial security or creative and intellectual satisfaction.


Holidays I love. Not necessarily elaborate vacations are needed but even Saturday-Sunday would do. If it is long weekend then even better!

Getting up late, no hurry to drop kids to school, cooking and all other chores can wait too. It’s just a booster to get back to routine with renewed energy.

Shopping, Pampering

I m not going to pretend by saying that real happiness doesn’t lie in material things and so on. I agree with that actually but still a dress or two, a bag or shoes and relaxing facial or massage does wonder to the state of mind. Let me do this and am one happy lady.


Feeling down? Need some instant happiness? By the way, there are certain things that bring happiness just like Instant noodles… Bollywood is my Happiness booster. Watch any Bollywood movie and I am back in the mood!

It can be very crappy, meaningless but it works like a magic. In fact, stupider the better. One hero beating 20 villains black and blue is a sight to rejoice about. While writing this also I am ROFL.

Celeb moments

Those little accolades that make you feel like a celeb give me happiness. Thanks to, such moments are here to cherish. We appear in media or get to attend exclusive events or the blog gets into some TOP lists – achievements like these always always bring sunshine.


Memories of childhood, memories of gone loved ones are my eternal source of happiness and sadness at the same time. Sad because those days are gone but Happy because I was lucky to have those awesome moments with the most amazing people.

Helping others

Being able to help someone is a thing of joy. When I help friends online via my Facebook Group “SINdiapore” or through this blog by sharing some coolest stuff, it makes me happy.

Someone is in need and if we can help them in our tiny ways, it’s always a great feeling. Giving up your seat for someone, feeding animals and caring from them, donating for causes – these are the things I always do and I have mentioned this many times on this blog… Hopefully, moving forward, I should be able to devote more time for charity.


I have been always a City girl. Originally from the Maximum City of Mumbai and Now for quite a few years in the Lion City.

Abundance of nature I can see only when am out for vacation. But never mind, roadside beauties of flowers or play of colors in the sky while driving on the highway is enough for me to get happy. These short meetings with the nature can make me go wow.

What makes you happy? What’s happiness according to you? Do share because sharing will multiply it.

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I would like to thank Sabeeka who writes at Mom’s Methods and shares lots of tips and tricks for healthy lifestyle for introducing me.

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