Actually what you eat to fill up your tummies shouldn’t bother anyone, right? But exactly that’s where the whole problem starts for a Vegetarian!!! These are a few things you have to hear if you are a Vegetarian.

Are you a Vegetarian? By birth or by religion or by choice or your parents forced you

I seriously don’t know how to answer this. By birth, I guess all humans are vegetarians. I mean I have not seen any just-born baby eating meat straightaway.

By religion, again am clueless.

By choice? Yes, there is some logic here. Yeah, being a vegetarian might be a choice or a way of life for me.

Parents forced you?? Oh ya, my parents literally forced me and force-feeded me to eat only vegetarian stuff. They were tyrants in their last birth and this birth they still have some effect remaining.

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So What Do you eat then?

As if there’s nothing suitable to eat on this planet if am a Vegetarian. As if all vegetables, all fruits are vanished from the face of the Earth.

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My dear friends, vegetarians have plenty of options when it comes to eating.

Eating Vegetarian food means Eating Grass!

Now there’s this very common term used in Hindi for vegetarians – “ghaas-poos khaate hai”… Roughly translated as “They eat grass”. This is damn annoying!

Being a vegetarian means not eating meat…It doesn’t mean we start looking or behaving or eating like goats or cows.

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How can you survive only by eating Vegetarian Food? Don’t you feel weak?

Sigh! I feel like telling these “Questioners” that yes, am fainting even now due to weakness. Can you please come to my home everyday and help this weak person to carry on daily routine tasks?

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Ok, got that you are a Vegetarian but How do you get your Proteins?

Tch tch dearies, do you know that nuts, beans, grains and vegetables contain great amount of protein? We get our Protein fix from these foods.

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Do you want to taste this Chicken burger? Oh sorry, I forgot you are a Vegetarian!

One time it’s a joke, second time it’s a prank…When same people keep doing it every other day then it’s time to give them advice – Get your short or long or both memory loss issues corrected!!!

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You can eat Seafood right?

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Argh! This is how Wikipedia defines Vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism /vɛɪˈtɛəriənɪzəm/ is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal), and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter.

Got it? I follow this version.

Is Vegetarian food tasty?

Actually I find it very tasty and full of different flavors. But yes, may be my tastebuds are numb or faking it? ROFL.

The truth is: Vegetarian food is very yummy. Example: Palak Paneer or Paneer Makhani or Dum aloo or Chhole or Falafel or Guacamole or Mushroom Sandwiches or Vegetarian Pizza and the  yummy chinese vegetarian fare that we get in Singapore…The list is never-ending.

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You are still killing plants!

Yes, you have such a such a such a valid point. I am stopping to eat everything from tomorrow – Only water and air…But wait, even they contain microorganisms. Now how?

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Vegetarianism is a choice of diet or way of life for many and they like to stay that way. Period.

Disclaimer: I have written this post based on my own experience. Take this piece of write-up as fun and get to know more about your vegetarian friends. If you are a vegetarian then relate to this piece and have a good laugh. I have no intention ever to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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