This is our second year to watch Disney on Ice and I was wondering what will be new this time. For my hubby, it was first time since he was away for a work trip last year. On a side note, have you read my last year’s Disney on Ice review? If not, read it here.


First things first. Disney on Ice Everyone’s Story is absolutely must-watch even if you have seen Disney on Ice Before. We watched the opening show yesterday night. What we as a family loved about the experience – this post is all about that.


One: Disney Magic in The whole atmosphere

Disney on Ice Celebrates Everyone’s Story has generated the hugest of curiosity in entire Singapore. I see the posters everywhere, my friends are asking me how to book tickets. On social media all are expressing their looking-forward-sentiments and so on. In short, we are loving this whole atmosphere of fun and excitement that cannot be contained. It’s March holiday time and entire family is in a relaxed mood – eagerly waiting for Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story.


On a blog front, we ran Giveaways for merchandise n tickets and received mind-blowing response. That’s the magic Disney weaves in.

Two: Jaw-dropping, Awe-inspiring Technology in Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story

One can’t help but keep admiring what goes on the stage for nearly 2 hours! Costumes, setup, terrific skill and sync of Ice Skaters…my little brain can’t even imagine what kind of efforts Disney on Ice Celebrates Everyone’s Story must have put together. Do they possess super-powers like Disney characters?!


Just look at these numbers –

  • The show features 14 well-loved Disney stories including Pinocchio, Finding Dory, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, the ever enchanting Frozen.
  • There are 225 costumes on this show and each cast member makes 4 – 5 costume changes!
  • The capes worn by Anna and Elsa weigh roughly 9 kilograms each. There are over 1,000 rhinestones adorned, by hand, on some costumes!
  • Elsa’s Ice Palace is the largest prop weighing over 997 kilograms. There are 57 props used in Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story.
  • Approximately 37,749 litres of water are used to create the whole ice floor for a Disney On IceWith aluminium panels built to support and hold it together, the ice floor weighs about 68,038kg!
  • It takes about 1,705-man hours to set up the whole production and the build-up of the ice rink alone requires 425-man hours.

Whose mind is not blown yet?

Three: Almost 2 hours of getting enchanted


Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story – is it only for kids? Nope. Adults like my hubby and me equally enjoyed. Screaming and singing alongwith kids, with eyes wide open appreciating wholeheartedly and forgetting everything else…we were a part of the world of Simba, Aladdin, Dory n Nemo, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Elsa…

Four: Family Bonding

Daily routine of all of us is super hectic. Parents put all the hardwork in office and kids slog in the schools. Where is the time to bond?? Sigh but isn’t it true? Events and occasions like Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story provides precious opportunity to bond with the people you love the most and spend time together. In fact, we made memories when we watched the opening night show yesterday.


Five: Merchandise and food at Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story

There’re these carnival-like stalls and all the cool stuff they sell – all things Disney – water bottles, magic wands, mugs, photo booths, popcorns, crushed ice – full of novelty and you get it only at Disney on Ice Celebrates Everyone’s Story shows – Exclusive!

Our family bought almost a truck-load of food and finished it all. Gulp. It’s one of those must-must-must watch kind of events you know. Adrenaline rush is bound to be there.

We will again go next year and watch Disney on Ice. This year though, it’s only till 18th March and you still have some time to watch it. Have you got your tickets yet? If not, get it soonest…All the info you need is below:

Buy tickets here at Sports Hub website.

Disney on Ice is on Facebook

Disney on Ice is on Instagram

Shows details:

Do share with me more about the fun moments you have at Disney on Ice Celebrates Everyone’s Story. I would love to read.

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