You know what am I talking about? Which run kids – kids and parents actually look forward to every year?? Yes, you guessed it right. Cold Storage Kids Run is here for it’s 11th edition held on the 20th of May at Palawan Green, Sentosa.

Lemme refresh your fond memories of last year’s run with this fun video. So many of us must have had awesome time last time during Cold Storage Kids Run.

Cold Storage Kids Run ’18 gives us an opportunity to introduce children to the world of healthy-and active-living and treat them to a jam-packed day filled with fun activities.

Every year, Cold Storage Kids Run ’18 has something exciting to offer. This year there are nine fun-filled race categories. You will be spoilt for choices. Challenge your little budding athletes in the competitive 1.6k or 2km Dash categories or run as a family in our Fruity Family Fun and Stroller Family Fun categories! Cold Storage Kids Run ’18 means Family Bonding, isn’t it?

This year, they have one new category too! The Appleton Besties Trail, a fun and challenging obstacle course. Each team consists of three children working together to go through the course as they learn about food and the value of teamwork.

To keep the momentum going before the actual race, Cold Storage Kids Run ’18 has plenty of pre-race activities that participants can join, such as the running workshops – Running A-Z, where you can learn fundamentals such as functional fitness and nutrition.

If you guys are already a veteran then sign up for Breakfast run with groups from all parts of Singapore.

With such an amazing lineup, why hesitate?

Sign up today and enjoy early bird specials from now till 31st March 2018. Register today here.

Our last year’s medal looked like this. We are waiting to get this year’s already!

Check Cold Storage Kids Run website for more info.

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