Kids have the most beautiful and infectious smiles that win every heart. Those little pearlies are capable to melt anyone. After a hard Day’s work, when parents come back home, kiddies with flashing teeth make the stress disappear. But…

Are we doing enough to take care of these teeth? Just like adults, even kids get decay, sensitive teeth, weak gums and bad breath. Right brushing habits and other oral hygiene good practices must be started early because teeth are precious and it’s not that we will keep getting new every now and then.

Qiren Organisation and Luminous Dental Group Holdings proudly present Kids Dental Day.

Kids Dental Day, Qiren Organisation, Luminous Dental, RainbowDiaries

Oral health is crucial right from the childhood and this event highlights the importance of the same in the most fun way! It’s happening during March holidays so kids and parents both can participate.

Kids Dental Day will help children develop confidence and overcome any fear that they may have at the dentist. Children will get to learn through many fun and engaging ways on dental care and oral hygiene.

Find all the details below:

Kids Dental Day

Date: 15 March 2018 10 am to 1pm
Registration starts at 9.45am
Age Group : 4-12 years

Register here.

Goodie bags will be given to the first 50 registered participants, so register asap.
*** Registered attendees will be given a free dental check by our dentists.

Activities happening during Kids Dental Day:

  • Dental Check
  • Basics of Tooth Brushing
  • Tooth Fairy Colouring
  • Dentist Role play for kids
  • Join the Dots
  • Story Telling
  • Good Tooth Bad Tooth
  • Word Search
  • Dressup & Photobooth

Kids Dental Day, Qiren Organisation, Luminous Dental, RainbowDiaries

Looks exciting? Indeed it does. Register soon and see you there with your kids. Happy Smiling March Holidays!

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