Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story

Mark your dates – Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story will be in Singapore from 14-18th March 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Don’t forget to participate in our Disney On Ice Giveaway for a chance to WIN up to 4 CAT 1 tickets for the show.


Jaw-dropping Facts about this year’s Disney on Ice:

  • This year is the silver anniversary celebration for Disney On Ice in Singapore.
  • Proudly produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story is a spectacular show that brings together the incredible talents of world-class ice skaters and heart-warming Disney tales.
  • Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story features more than 50 unforgettable Disney stars, a sing-along score of melodious masterpieces, stunning choreography, beautiful costumes and intricate sets.
  • There is going to be a special pre-show with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Disney’s Zootopia enticing the crowd to help solve an off-ice caper that must be cracked for the on-ice action to begin!
  • Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story is designed and orchestrated by Director Patty Vincent and her team. She has been involved in the creation of Disney On Ice for 25 years.
  • The show features 14 well-loved Disney stories including Pinocchio, Finding Dory, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, the ever enchanting Frozen.
  • There are 225 costumes on this show and each cast member makes 4 – 5 costume changes!
  • The capes worn by Anna and Elsa weigh roughly 9 kilograms each. There are over 1,000 rhinestones adorned, by hand, on some costumes!
  • Elsa’s Ice Palace is the largest prop weighing over 997 kilograms. There are 57 props used in Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story.
  • Approximately 37,749 litres of water are used to create the whole ice floor for a Disney On Ice With aluminium panels built to support and hold it together, the ice floor weighs about 68,038kg!
  • It takes about 1,705-man hours to set up the whole production and the build-up of the ice rink alone requires 425-man hours.

For those of you who haven’t watched Disney On Ice yet, fret not! Read our review of the Disney On Ice show last year here and get ready to be spellbound.

Disney On Ice is a breath-taking experience where ice skaters bring alive our favorite Disney characters. If you have ever wondered what Disney On Ice skaters are in real life or what they do in their spare time, I’ve got the answers!


I got an opportunity to interview Kirstie Nelson, who portrays the role of Cinderella, in Disney On Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story. Read on to know more her and be inspired! By the way, the last 2 questions in the interview are asked by my kids as they were very curious to know about the actual person portraying Cinderella.

Q: Please tell us something more about your background.
A: I have been skating since I was 5 years old and grew up as a competitive skater in Canada before transitioning into Professional skating. I am a certified yoga instructor, as well as a certified chemical engineer and I worked as an engineer for 3 years before joining Disney on Ice.
Q: How is being Yoga trained help you in preparation for this role of Cinderella?
A: Being yoga trained is probably one of the best things I could have done for my skating. Not only do I love teaching yoga classes to fellow skaters, but I also love the benefits it provides. Aside from improving body awareness, it is a crucial component in keeping our bodies strong and healthy. Doing a variety of yoga exercises help me to warm up my muscles properly before stepping on the ice as Cinderella.
Q: What advice would you like to give people who would like to pursue ice skating as a career?
A: Ice skating is a sport that takes years of practice to master and involves a lot of hard work with countless hours of training each week. There will be many trips and falls along the way, but if you believe in yourself and don’t give up, anything is possible!
Q: What if you fall down or trip during your performance? How do you handle this situation?
A: Skating is a live action sport and as skillful and graceful we are on the ice, there are bound to be trips and falls from time to time. This is just the nature of skating and we have been trained to always get back up and keep going no matter what! Put it behind you, keep smiling and give the best performance possible!
Q: When you are not playing Disney On Ice character, what do you do? Any other hobbies,studies you do?
A: When I’m not skating with Disney On Ice, I really enjoy reading, doing yoga,running, watching movies, traveling and exploring new places!

Wow, what Kirstie said is so true. Not only to ice-skating, it’s applicable to every task that we do.

There are bound to be trips and falls from time to time. Always get back up and keep going no matter what! Put it behind you, keep smiling and give the best performance possible!

After all, Disney stories are for everyone. Something that we can relate too and that’s why we all love these stories and characters generation after generation.


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Shows details:

For RainbowDiaries Readers


I have got some yummylicious recipes for your little ones straight from Olaf, Snow White, Rapunzel and Ariel. Do try them and lemme know how they loved it.

Frozen – Ginger Melon Smoothie

Snow White Apple Chips

Rapunzel’s Braided Bread

Ariel’s Whozits and Whatzit Smoothie

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49 comments on “Disney on Ice celebrates Everyone’s Story”

  1. color switch Reply

    Oh! This article has suggested to me many new ideas. I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.

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  3. Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Noor Reply

    Mickey Mouse is my favorite Disney character because he is friendly , funny , brave , has many talents and is helpful to his friends . Thanks very much and have a nice day ! ? *praying hard for the best* Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil , IG Handle : @fanozil

  4. Seline Tan Reply

    My favourite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast! She is able to look beyond looks and fell in love with the Beast! Beauty is only skin deep and true love conquers all! She is the Princess that possess beauty with wisdom! FB: Seline Tan IG: niuzgal

  5. Priscilla Wong Reply

    My favourite is Dory because she can ‘speak whale’ haha. Even when she has such bad memory she did not forget her parents and were determined to find them.

  6. vivian ongyean Reply

    I like Toy Story because In essence Toy Story is a movie about loyalty, friendship, and identity. Granted this is a common theme in animated features nowadays and it may have even been at the time, but if Toy Story didn’t invent the formula then it certainly perfected it. Buzz Lightyear and Woody’s relationship is perfectly handled.It’s also about childhood and placing sentimental value on inanimate objects. I actually appreciate it more as an adult because it makes me nostalgic for a time when being unable to find my favorite toy meant the end of the world.

  7. Mayura Amarkant Reply

    Wow…fascinating post…Wish I could take my kids to this place…they totally love all the characters from Disney especially the characters from Frozen…

  8. Rahama Tunnisa d/o Abdul Latiff Reply

    I was never a fan of the “Old School” Disney movies, particularly the “Disney Princess” movies. Sure, I saw Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, but I never cared for any of them very much. The heroines were so boring. All they ever did was pine away for some Prince Charming to come and rescue them. Heck, “Someday My Prince Will Come” was literally Snow White’s theme song.

    That all changed with Beauty and the Beast. Belle was intelligent, she read actual books, she didn’t care that just-about everyone else thought she was “weird,” she wasn’t looking for some Prince Charming to solve all her problems for her, she was courageous, and she was proactive. When her father went missing, instead of wringing her hands and fretting, her immediate reaction was to jump on her horse and go looking for him.

    In short, I utterly fell in love with Belle. For years, she was the definitive Disney Princess, as far as I was concerned. (Technically, of course, she wasn’t a princess, though by the end of the movie, it looks likely that she’ll soon be marrying a prince.)

  9. Fathima Imraanah Bte Mohd Shahrim Reply

    Moana is so brave! I love princesses that risk things, ( being in good graces with her family) for what they love!( the water) Another good example is Merida!

    She is so courageous. She stand up to muscle man Stan(Maui) and gets him to take back the heart! I just absolutely love people/ characters like that.

  10. Fathima Ifraanah Bte Mohd Shahrim Reply

    Cinderella. she defies her wicked step-mother to embark on a trip to the ball to meet the prince. With a visit by her fairy Godmother and a little “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” she is now prepared to ride the carriage to the grand event. Her dreams do come true because she has the courage to follow her heart.

  11. Caroline Kong Reply

    Mum used to work at fish farm and rented a room with the boss, then every sat night, we and rest of the workers will go fun fair together. At one of the game stall, there was a huge mickey mouse hanging on those hook, i feel in love with it immediately but need play game to win it. 50cents a game, that time 50cents was a lot of money and my mum only earn $85 a month. Mum gave me $2 to play but i could not win the toy. I still remember i cried and cried but mum said no more money to let me play. So i started saving and every time when we go back to the fun fair, i just ran to the game stall to look at mickey. Then 1 day, the game stall owner passed me a slightly torn and dirty mickey, he asked me if i want it, last night a girl won it but somehow she dropped it and just left it on the floor, then people just stepped on it. I was so happy, i took the mickey home and slept with it every night. Mum helped to sew the torn areas and washed it for me. Its the best toy i ever have.

  12. Salina Melody Reply

    My favourite Disney Character is Cinderella. Always dreamed of being Cinderella since I was young. Because you find love when you least expected it, never take things for granted and to always look on the bright side of life despite how bad life gets at any point of time. ♥

  13. Joanne Yeo Reply

    Elsa is my favourite even as a pragmatic mama Cos every now and then I really want to flick back my long braid (ok so I have short hair, minor point), swirl my cape around and sing Let it Go to the various complaining adults I meet in my life. ?

  14. Ray Ding Reply

    I am so look forward to seeing Genie at Disney On Ice! Because he is hilarious, a great friend to Aladdin and of course being voiced by the late Robin Williams helps. Not to mention the song Friend Like Me is insanely catchy.

  15. Xiaoling Reply

    We love all the Disney character ? but love the most is Minnie ? and Mickey ? because I’m born on ? years haha hope can win this because my Girl birthday is on March hope can surprise her.

  16. Andrew Lim Reply

    My boys love watching Frozen especially Anna and Elsa that they use my blankets to pretend that they are Anna & Elsa! It will be their dream come true to catch Disney on Ice this year especially so when it’s didi’s birthday month in March!

  17. Mary Chye Reply

    The Disney character which I like most is Frozen. Frozen has not one, but two Disney princesses, Anna and Elsa. These two princesses are heroines. When my two girls start to know about Frozen was through the son,”Let it go.” They can watch it repeatedly. I found that the anthem, to, “screw fear and shame, be yourself, be powerful.” is meaningful.

  18. Julie Tan Reply

    My 4year old girl love Elsa as she say she is so pretty
    but suddenly after 2nd day of cny she tell me mummy I also love Olaf as he come visiting me. Out of sudden I am so puzzle Olaf came? When?
    She reply me yesterday. Uncle sam carry his baby here. U look at his leg it look exactly like Olaf. I use a pen to draw 2 eyes on his thigh when he sleeping on bed his leg look like Olaf and I been kiss olaf.
    Oh then I realize how her Olaf come to visit her,and how olaf come to her mind is my little 8mth nephew is weighing 10 kg. So when looking at his thigh it really look like Olaf.
    Hope to win and bring her celebrate her birthday there. And allow her to see the real Elsa and olaf

  19. Carrie Pang Reply

    I love to watch Elsa. She is a strong, and powerful character, but in her heart, she is soft and caring sister. She loves her sister! It is nice to watch Elsa skates on ice, like a movie becoming a real story before us. We have never been to Disney on Ice before. I hope tp win it and bring my 3 children there. Thank you for this giveaway.

  20. susan tan Reply

    My favourite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. He’s smart, cheerful,loyal and fun loving.

  21. Ashley Tan Reply

    I’m most looking forward to seeing Minnie Mouse at Disney On Ice because she’s so lovable and friendly plus she’s the only character that my 3 generations of my mom, my kids and myself can totally relate to! It will be so amazing for us all to catch it live in action!

  22. Adeline Tan Huixiu Reply

    My kids and my favourite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. He’s smart, cheerful,loyal and fun loving?
    Give us lots of happy vibes?
    May lucky star befall on me to win the tickets to let my preschooler kids experience magical moment at Disney on Ice.
    My kids will be jumping with joy and as parents, it’s heartwarming and a bliss to witness my kids excited and elated expression.?

  23. GLADYS TAN Reply

    My favourite is buzz lightyear from Toy Story. He shares many interesting quotes and show us how he value to get his toy family to stay together❤

  24. Mei Mei Carol Lim Reply

    My favourite Disney character is the:

    Kawaii &


  25. Lee Suet Leng Reply

    Mickey Mouse is my favourite character being the most classical character accompanying me through my childhood. I can always remember watching it starts black/white. My son would always call Mickey Mouse the leader of all characters.

    Hope to win to go with him for Disney on Ice for his first time.

  26. Priscilla Quek Reply

    My little man’s favourite is Olaf and my daughter’s is Anna because true love is the greatest magic of all. Something I hope they both will have for each other too! ❄️

    For it’s only once a year,
    That Disney on Ice brings its magic’s here!
    Another chance for a little day out,
    Making family memories without a doubt!
    With Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde starting the show,
    Maui with Moana singing How Far I’ll Go!
    Beauty and the Beast in Tale as Old as time,
    Elsa’s Let It Go on Rewind!
    Snow White’s Prince someday will come,
    Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage, oh what fun!
    Lion King’s Simba, Nemo and Dory,
    All ready to celebrate everyone’s story!
    And so I really can’t wait,
    To bring my little ones on an ICEy date!
    For a whole new world awaits,
    Thank you Rainbowdiaries for this giveaway so great!❄️❤️

  27. Low Wai Ling Reply

    The Disney character who is my ALL TIME favourite is got to be Mickey Mouse! ? The one and only mouse in the world that I have fallen in love so deeply in! ? Mickey Mouse is so cute that he never fails to make me happy! ? My love at first sight whom I adore for more than three decades! ? When I say I am number 2 fan, nobody dares to say they are number 1 hehe! :).Thats how deep my love for my darling Mickey Mouse! ?

    Omg, so many of MY FAVOURITE DISNEY STARS in ONE FANTASTIC SHOW!!! ? Although I am already more than 30 years old and now a mummy, I am still a VERY DISNEY KIDDO at heart because I grew up with them! ? I did not have a chance to watch Disney On Ice before. Lately I was so busy at work that I even worked on public holidays like Christmas and New Year! ? Didnt really spend much quality time with my dearest family! ? Hope to be the LUCKY winner to WIN WIN WIN this to experience DISNEY CUTENESS OVERLOAD all over again and walk down memory lanes reminesce all my favourite DISNEY SONGS and CARTOONS with them! ? Hope to give my family a HUGE DISNEY suprise! ? This will definitely BE THE BEST activity to spend quality time with my loved ones! ?

    Hope Rainbow Diaries will make my DISNEY dreams MAGICAL and COME TRUE! ?

  28. Naomi Chan Reply

    My fav character is Mulan because she is a tough cookie like me, & a survivor of AGAINST ALL ODDS & emerge victorious in the midst of difficult dangerous moments !

  29. Aarti Reply

    Mickey and Minnie are my favourite as they are very jolly and keep people around them happy and jolly too, kids learn from them and also enjoy watching them.

  30. bean30OH LYE CHOON Reply

    I love Donald Duck the most because I use to imitate his laughter when I was in Primary school and he’s hilarious with his pranks on others. They usually backfired and he was the victim instead. I can still remember him teasing Pluto’s bulldog and was bitten on his hand ?

  31. Theresa Tay Reply

    I love Olaf as he is so adorable and can break apart any moment! My boys love forgetful Dory who can remember things better with Nemo around. Hope to win for my boys as the younger one is turning 4 in March and May he have a magical birthday!!!!

  32. Noorsyahidah Jumat Reply

    Judy Hopps from Zootopia! Zootopia taught us not to judge anyone or any animal by its cover. I would love to apply this to my life and the people that surround me. Sometimes things might seem tough, but always try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture because things aren’t always as bad as what they seem.

  33. Grace Ng Reply

    Belle as she is intelligent, beautiful , fillial and brave. Would hope my girl will learn from.her good ppints

    FB : Grace Ng

  34. Shawn Quek Reply

    Hi! thanks for this giveaway. It’s tough not to just mention who my 2 kids love/like, but if it has to be me, I would choose Pumbaa and Timon from The Lion King. The Lion King was the first movie that I ever watched with my secondary school friends in Sec 3? As in really first ever time watching in a cinema, with a girl. haha! but of course the story is great, awesome music, thrilling plot and sob moments. Jeremy Irons was really cool as Scar! Hope to win so that I can bring the whole family to watch Disney on Ice for the very first time!

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  36. mahekg Reply

    This looks so interesting. I have never seen ice skating in real and with Disney it would so exciting wish could fly to Singapore to watch this one

  37. Qeela Reply

    OMG this is super interesting! We love Disney!!

    The Disney character that I like the most is Elsa, because I see her as a strong, loveable normal person despite what people think of her from the first time they see her power! Plus I always love ice and if I have the chance to watch Disney on Ice, featuring Elsa, on my birthday month (March) , OMG i feels like a super lucky kids again haha!
    P/S : My daughter love Elsa & addicted to Frozen as well! While my son love the movie Moana! ?❤️❤️

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