Book Review: The Explorer and Inside Out Parenting

We are back with the book reviews. This time we review two awesome publications – The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and Inside Out Parenting by Dr. Holan Liang.

By the way, we in the sense my daughter and me. Eeshaa reviews The Explorer and I will write about Inside Out Parenting.

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

I have read previous books of Katherine Rundell like Rooftoppers and The Wolf Wilder and have liked them a lot. I was quite excited to read her latest book when my mother handed over it to me. It is very recent and it is award-winning. This is what I felt after reading the Explorer.

Katherine Rundell’s best selling book, The Explorer is a thrilling tale of four children, stranded in an unknown jungle after a plane crash. They have to survive and thrive in this unknown place with endless creatures lurking in the dark. I like such story lines that have adventure and thrill elements in it. So yes, obviously I loved the book. I am not going to divulge too many details because it might give away the plot.

From his seat in the tiny aeroplane, Fred watches as the mysteries of the Amazon jungle pass by below him. He has always dreamed of becoming an explorer, of making history and of reading his name amongst the lists of great discoveries. If only he could land and look about him.

As the plane crashes into the canopy, Fred is suddenly left without a choice. He and the three other children may be alive, but the jungle is a vast, untamed place. With no hope of rescue, the chance of getting home feels impossibly small.

Except, it seems, someone has been there before them…

This book is vividly captured and is written from the perspective of Fred. Overall the Explorer is one to look out for and stands out among many others. This book is also a Costa book awards winner and this is yet another reason to pick up this book and read it. This is an inquisitive book that will stay with you. I would recommend it for younger ages due to the simplicity of the tale and enthralling backstory. My mom will give more details about the book later at the end of my review.

This winner of the Costa Children’s book award 2017 is definitely an exciting read for kids.


Title: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
ISBN: 9781509830176
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Available at all leading book stores in Singapore and Malaysia

Inside Out Parenting by Dr. Holan Liang

As a parent, we each have our own style and I am sure it gets evolved as we mature as a parent. At least for me, this has happened. I would like to believe that am a better parent now after 2 kids. Though each child is unique, there are some common traits that we can always find. I must say that parenting books help you in understanding your kids better. One such book that I recently came across is “Inside Out Parenting” by Dr. Holan Liang.



I read a first few pages – precisely first 2 pages and felt that this is the experience all moms must have gone through at some point in time during their parenthood.


Dr. Holan Liang’s writing style is conversational and stems from her own motherhood journey. At the same time, her formal education helps readers to understand the dynamics from the scientific point of view. There’s a wit in the writing that doesn’t make this book preachy.

Topics are well-organized in “Inside Out Parenting – How to Build Strong Children from a Core of Self-Esteem” and there’s a chapter summary at the end of every chapter that helps to recap the contents.

If kids are strong inside and there are bound to shine outside. If you believe in this then you should get a copy of this book for yourself! Good read indeed.

Title: Inside Out Parenting – How to Build Strong Children from a Core of Self-Esteem by Dr. Holan Liang
ISBN: 9781509830176
EBOOK: 9781509830183
Publisher: Blue Bird Books for life
Available at all leading book stores in Singapore and Malaysia


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19 comments on “Book Review: The Explorer and Inside Out Parenting”

  1. rashimital Reply

    I loved this post, majorly because of your daughter. I have read many book reviews but never one from a child. I want to know did she tell you her experience while you wrote it or are these her words? But of course the books seem good picks too and m surely gonna buy the children’s book for my toddler when she grows old enough for it. 🙂

  2. Dipika Singh (@gleefulblogger) Reply

    Educational books and Parenting books are path breaker reads at times. They give a new approach to tackle a situation. The book featured here seems interesting, will check out on my next trip. #AlexaTheIncredible #womenbloggerwb

  3. Varsh Reply

    I’m excited reading about The Explorer. Am going to add it to my son’s to-be-bought list. He’s just started out reading and finds these thrilling adventures interesting.
    I have parenting books but somehow haven’t found them exceedingly helpful as yet. This one looks good though.

  4. Vasundhra Reply

    I would love to read this book after reading your review. It is great that it is an interesting book to read and does not get preachy.

  5. Tiffany Yong Reply

    Glad to read about some reviews on books. I’m currently reading Dresden Files, but I need to be actively reading more. Reviews are good way to quickly pick up more withou having to sort it thru myself

  6. Nati Reply

    Both the books sound amazing. I do read parenting books every now and then, but it is difficult for me to find a good one!

  7. Sayeri Reply

    Being a mother of 3yrs old kid, I think this book- Inside Out Parenting, should be a must read for me. Hope it will help us for better parenting. I was going through your other posts also. All are very well written.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Taslyn Russell Reply

    I think I am going to purchase that inside out parenting. My girl is still little but I noticed that she is very easily influenced by her pares but strong willed with us. Popping it into Amazon as I type.

  9. adstanfield25 Reply

    I am interested in reading Inside Out Parenting. I was a victim of bullying in school, or either just out and out ignored. Consequently, I didn’t develop a semblance of a self esteem until well into my adult years. I have been determined since the birth of my daughter, that I will do all I can to ensure she has a healthy self-esteem. Thank you for sharing this resource with me!

  10. Elizabeth O Reply

    This sounds like an interesting read. Parenting is such hard yet rewarding work it is always helpful to get some advice!

  11. livingworks60 Reply

    Both books sound very interesting and I appreciate your review especially “Inside Out Parenting” wish it was around when I was raising my children. I have grandchildren now and will tell my daughter about this book so e both can read it.

  12. Kesha Holloway Reply

    I am going to get that Inside Out Parenting. My son seems to already be very strong willed. I want him to know who he is and not let anyone define him by their opinions.

  13. therecklessbabe Reply

    I would love to read The Explorer! Just by reading the review I got intrigued. I know it’s for kids but I also like this kind of books too, that they leave you wanting for more and you just can’t put it away.

  14. kumamonjeng Reply

    Parenting is a job that you can never quit. It great that you have few good books to introduce! The Explorer by Katherine Rundell looks very attracting and I would love to find out more about this book.

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