New Year has just begun and that’s why am bringing one more sweet post! Food knows no language and it has no barriers. You love the dish means you love it! That’s why I posted about these yummylicious Pineapple Tarts in my last post and now I bring Fruit Salad Filipino Style Under 5-minutes recipe for you.

Asan Indian, I have tasted and made Fruit Salad many times but this recipe given by Filipina helper auntie is altogether a different take, different version of Fruit Salad. Yes, this Filipina auntie is the same who taught me Mango Float some time ago.

Indulgent – yes

Guilty – yes

Tasty – a BIG yes!

Let’s see how to make Fruit Salad – Filipino style…

What you need?

  • Sweetened Creamer
  • Palm Nut
  • Cream
  • Coconut Sport Strings
  • Tropical Fruit Mix
  • Grated Cheese
  • Optional: Pasta

There are 2 items that were completely unheard-of for me – Palm Nut and Coconut Sport Strings. My helper auntie got them from nearby Filipino shop. Or you can find them in Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road too.

Palm Nut looks like jellybean and is chewy like a jellybean as well. It’s the seed of the sugar palm tree that grows in the Philippines.

Coconut Sport Strings is a collection of shredded coconut. Known as macapuno, it’s a gelatin like substance.

Are you already getting a doubt that this is going to be too sweet? Me too got the same doubt and that’s why the first thing I did was to “get rid of that sweet syrup base completely 100%” from Tropical fruit mix, Palm nuts and Coconut Sport Strings. The added sweetness was already gone now.

Preparation steps:

These steps are as easy as saying 1,2,3… That’s why I have called it as “Under 5-minutes recipe”.

Mix together tropical fruits and Palm nuts. Remember that we already removed that sweet syrup?!


Now time to add Coconut Sport Strings sans sweet syrup…


Mix well and add Cream. The cream that I used was not sweet.


Mix well. Lastly, add some sweetened Creamer if you want. I could have done without this.


Nicely blend well everything with a spoon and just add some grated cheese on top.

My helper auntie likes to add pasta too and it tastes not bad but I didn’t add it.

Okay, done already! Time to refridgerate our Filipino Style Fruit Salad for some time.


Of course, can’t wait to nom nom now! This dessert looks very colorful and tastes great too.

Reducedsweetness makes it less guilty and indulgent so don’t forget to remove that syrup base! Also, probably next time I will make it with fresh fruits rather than using tropical fruit mix.

It’s Under 5-minutes recipe so forever busy Moms can try it and if guests are coming over then it’s a nice and different choice than the usual time consuming desserts.


Do try this Fruit Salad Filipino style and let me know how you and your family liked it. Any tips to make it healthier? Share with me.

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