I hated it! Those thick glasses in my school days. But what to do? At a very young age, I got spectacles and I had to bear with it for the longest time. How I wish I had Nanyang Optical’s Eyelet Junior when I got Myopia and How thankful I am to Eyelet Junior because my kids can wear specs that actually help them to keep Myopia in control while making them look stylish.

Myopia is a REAL issue and In Singapore around 65% of the Primary school kids have shown prevalence of Myopia.

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Well, Nanyang Optical has always been my favorite and I used to buy my contact lens from them. When I got to know that they have these special kind of glasses and frames for kids, I immediately decided to be a part of “Project Eyelet Junior”. Read on to know more about this incredible innovation.


Both my kids unfortunately have myopia just like their mom. Boy has astigmatism too. I wanted to get their eyes checked thoroughly and to find out if technology can help. We visited Nanyang Optical and met their optometrist Hui Min – friendly, Swift and competent. It’s not easy to check kids eyes especially when they are naughty and can’t sit still. But Hui Min effortlessly and efficiently handled the eye check-up of both my kids.


Girl first just because she’s more senior when it comes to wearing glasses. What a logic these kids can have.


Girl is a Pro already with the eye tests so hers was done very fast.

Now, boy’s turn! He was very enthusiastic when Hui Min started the eye-checkup. He co-operated well and done!


Have you heard about all these tests? For me, all of these names were new terms. I must say that Nanyang Optical has quite an comprehensive array of eye tests. They ensure that eyes are tested on all parameters. As a mom, am definitely impressed.

  • Visual Acuity
  • Cover Test (Tropia)
  • EOM Mobility Test
  • Stereopsis
  • Color vision Test

Hui Min also educated the kids and me on what is Myopia and how to take care of the eyes.


Okay, eye tests were done, results were out and now started the most crucial part of selecting frames and lenses.

My husband and me are quite particular when it comes to the choice of spectacles. We like frames that are lightweight, flexible, stretchable, durable, stylish, ergonomic, well-fitting. Too many expectations? Yes and no. When it comes to protect kids’ eyes, parents have to be choosy! I’m so happy to say that Eyelet Junior by Nanyang Optical ticked off all my requirements and went beyond!

By the way, the girl and the boy selected EXACTLY SAME DESIGN and COLOR of the Eyelet Junior Frame and then they decided to prove that they are not copy-cats. Thankfully, Eyelet Junior can be customized and there are such fun designs available.


The Eyelet Junior frame

What’s special about Eyelet Junior frame?

♥ It’s”1-piece”! No soldering joints, no screws, no hinges in between. That’s why it is able to hold well on the face. It is the world’s first stitch-locked eye-wear, with inspiration from everyday stitching. Great and yes, it’s safe too.

♥ For the younger children, Eyelet Junior frames have a low-level bridge, in order to let the frame come over the eyebrow so they can look up to adults while talking. So thoughtful.

♥ Eyelet Junior frames are sturdy. I never liked flimsy frames albeit the style.

♥ They are stretchableeeeee. Kids being kids are likely to treat the frames as toys and thankfully I don’t see any danger even if they stretch or carelessly wear Eyelet Junior. It comes back to the original shape.

♥ Eyelet Junior frames are customizable. Funky designs that look fun.

MyoVision Lenses

We were fully satisfied with our Eyelet Junior frames that look great and fit so well. How about the glasses though? Glasses should be such that will help to keep Myopia in control by keeping the increase in the specs power at minimum. MyoVision lenses by Zeiss help in reducing Myopia progression.

The deliberate design of MyoVision, whereby the lenses have a lower focusing degree towards its periphery, kids wearing Myovision lenses will be forced to look at things through the center of the lens. They will be refrained from glancing through the sides of the lens, preventing them from adopting a poor reading posture such as lying in bed to read etc.

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So, here are my Juniors in their Eyelet Junior powered by Zeiss MyoVision Lenses. Looking specs-savvy ♥


Quote “ProjectJuniorShubhada” to get a pair of Eyelet Junior with Myovision lens at $298 instead of $458. Nanyang Optical is one of the approved institutes where you can pay using Baby Bonus! Wow, isn’t it? Then hurry because this discount code is valid only for 1 month i.e. till Feb 22, 2018.

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