Being a mom is the most important and the most difficult role in the life of any woman. Suddenly, your baby becomes the most important person in your life and you couldn’t be happier. On the other hand, because you get so absorbed in motherhood, being organized becomes a problem. Worry not, we give you a list of useful tips to help you get organized around the house.

Clean as you go

When you have some time, try to clean a thing or two around you; it will make the ‘big’ cleaning job much easier later on. When you’re watching TV and commercials start, take that time to take cups and plates from the coffee table to the kitchen, or to clean a shelf while you’re there. When you’re in a bathroom, wipe the sink or throw out an empty shampoo bottle. Another useful tip is to clean while you prepare food: measuring cups, plastic bowls, and knives are easier to clean immediately than after a couple of hours have passed.

Plan your meals

You know the drill: you get home, starving, and have no idea what you could or should cook. Not just that, but the kids are hungry too and ordering pizza is out of the question. This is where meal planning steps in: you only need about half an hour to come up with a nice weekly menu so you never run out of ideas. This way, your trips to the grocery store won’t be a nightmare as you’ll know what groceries you’ll need for dinner every night of that week. You will also notice that your home has become much calmer because you are calmer too, as you don’t have to come up with a meal plan but just put it into action.

Make a checklist

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the things we have to do every day, let alone when it comes to cleaning the house. Some of the things may just slip your mind or you might think you’ve already done them when in reality you didn’t. A great way to overcome this ‘drawback’ of motherhood is to have a cleaning checklist pinned on a board or stuck to your fridge door. This way you can always tick something that you’ve already done, or you can ‘assign’ certain chores to somebody else (why should you be the only one who cleans, right?).

Cooking tips

Hand in hand with meal planning comes a good advice of our grandmothers: always have a half-prepared meal in the fridge. When you’re cooking, cook more rice than you need for your present meal and leave it in the fridge for later. Also, you can chop and bag more fruit and vegetables than you need at the moment so you can save time when you need them for another meal. In addition to saving time (and nerves), this will help you keep a piece of mind because you know that even if you’re not there, your family will be able to prepare a healthy and delicious meal without much effort.

Make more room

When children enter the picture, your life will inevitably change, and all you can do is adapt. On the other hand, children grow so fast and before you know it, they will grow out of their clothes and their old toys will become boring. If you don’t want to pile up unnecessary things, you can always find some affordable storage facilities and use them to store all the things you don’t need in your household at the moment: toys, clothes, workout gear, and even something bulkier like old furniture.

Have your children help you

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your baby should be doing the dishes with you, but as your children get older, it’s a great way to help them grow into independent and capable people. Having your children help you around is also a good way to speed up the cleaning process: make a competition of who can clean their room the fastest, time them and see who can put all their toys in the crate, or have them help you with your cooking by stirring the pot or setting the table. As they grow, they will find it easy to help you with some of the more difficult chores and they will be able to take care of themselves too.

When you remember your childhood, you probably don’t remember if the rug was vacuumed or the shelves were dusty. You can always dust and clean, but playing with your child is something you will wish you did more often later on in life. What you remember most is the feeling of happiness and being carefree, so try to give the same to your child.

Helen Bradford

Helen is a student of architecture and writes about Interior Designing.

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