Subscription box is a concept that is spreading like a wildfire and why not?! They are affordable, packs an amount of surprise and you get something new every time. Recently we tried out Peas in a Box and must say that I found it very very good – in fact better than a few. Why? Read on this post and at the end of the post, I’m bringing a cool giveaway for your kiddies courtesy Peas in a Box.

What is Peas in a Box?

Peas in a Box is a children’s educational activity box. What it packs inside are the activities that offer lots of fun, creativity. At the same time, these activities allow children to explore about the things surrounding them and beyond. All this edufun is delivered right to your home!

Each Peas in a Box is packed with hands-on activities for Maths, Literacy, Science, Art and Craft. As a parent, it’s an opportunity to bond with the children while they are learning in a fun way.


Peas in a Box is a labor of love of this mom…

Eileen – founder of Peas in a Box is a stay-at-home-mum to a fiesty 3 year-old girl who is always on the look-out for fun new things to play. As a mom, Eileen is always amazed with her imagination and ability to turn mundane objects into fantastic commodities. Am sure we moms can definitely relate to Eileen.

So, the passion of the Mom who wanted to make learning fun for kids and to make life easier for moms and dads led to the creation of Peas in a Box.

Our Experience

We all know how difficult it is to keep kids engaged in meaningful play…Peas in a Box definitely helps to keep them away from gadgets.

When we received our Peas in a Box, my boy who is a preschooler and in the perfect age group recommended for Peas in a Box jumped in joy…This picture is enough to gauge his initial reaction! By the way, my elder daughter was equally interested to try out all the activities! So sibling bonding (and fighting) is sure when you gift them Peas in a Box.


What’s inside the Peas in a Box?

I would say what’s not there?! I find this box C O M P L E T E. There were activities to stimulate their creativity, activities to work on Maths and Science concepts and something to improve English reading and phonics too…

These boxes come in 2 flavors – Themed and Party

Themed boxes are curated around a central theme. Each box contains a total of 7 to 8 fun activities. All instructions and materials included.

Party box is another exciting variety. Party boxes contain only activities chosen by you for your event. Choose only your favourite activities from across all themed boxes and you get your ultimate party box! I am thinking of getting one for my boy’s school.

Edutainment we had with Peas in a Box

We learnt in depth about Trains, Fireflies and Flowers…


We colored and came up with our beautiful artwork


We read the storybook and gathered some insights while pasting stickers simultaneously.


We practiced Maths…


Oh! What’s that? Glow in the dark paints…We spend good one hour in appreciating the colors and the glow.


We learnt about interesting Science concepts…


We played game and ensured that we all take turns to win!


Parents you don’t have to worry because the instructions are pretty clear. Also, the quality is super high…The materials are durable.


I find the activities safe. Still, please be reminded that Safety first and parents supervision is necessary.


Impressed? You should check the full collection here then!

Peas in a Box and RainbowDiaries giveaway

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Peas in a Box, RainbowDiaries

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