It is an obvious fact that decluttering your home in the form of spring cleaning would mean that you would not need to be doing so much housework for the near future. Clearing redundant trash out is known to reduce housework by at least 30 to 40 percent! A huge one time effort to do a clean-up will inevitably result in lesser effort to upkeep the place for the days of non-festive season.

Here are some tips of how we can declutter our home, and how we can prevent needing to have a massive clean-up activity again!

What is trash?

This is often the step that causes everyone to procrastinate or take such a long time with their spring cleaning process! Here is how you can classify your items to determine what trash is:

Items with sentimental value and no financial value

Items that fall under this category could be a broken watch your girlfriend gave you for your previous birthday or a scrapbook your husband made for you for your first anniversary. Such are items that you definitely want to keep regardless of their condition. Get yourself a carton box or container, put them all inside, and store them somewhere under your bed, in your closet, or in your store room!

Unused items with financial value

Ask yourself if these group of items have been used anytime at all in the past year. These could be in the form of a dress you purchased out of rash intentions from a sale, a sandal you purchased just because it looked cute, or accessories you purchased just because of a bulk discount! Thankfully for the emergence of Carousell, we can exchange these items for monetary value instead of having to throw them away. Should there be no potential buyer despite lowering your price several times, perhaps you could donate it to a charity organisation since it is too good for the bin!

Items you are unsure of

There will definitely be unused items with financial value that you do not know whether or not you will need again in future. For example, you could be moving on to the next academic year or semester in your polytechnic or junior college, and you are hesitant if you would need your text books in the upcoming year. For items that you can identify a possible use for in the upcoming year, store them in a box! It is much easier to make a quick decision than to mull over whether or not to throw them away. So long as you can identify a probable use for it, keep it.

Everything else

Then there are everything else. These are items with no sentimental value, no financial value, items used for the past year, and items you do not see a use for in the upcoming year. The decision is now obvious – throw them all away!

Ensuring your spring cleaning is worth it

Going through this task of eliminating clutter can be tedious and strenuous. Therefore, it is highly essential to ensure that we do not need to go through it again. To aim to consistently declutter your home is much easier said than done.

  • Purchase for home some practical furniture in the form of shelves, cabinets, or stackable drop front boxes.
  • Categorise your items and store them neatly. Being able to see how very item is stored reduces unnecessary time attempting to find!

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