New Year has just started and in Singapore, we all are already looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year of Dog. Chinese New Year AKA the Lunar New Year is the biggest occasion here and the whole Singapore decks up in the spirit of the Lunar New Year. When we talk about CNY, how not to mention Pineapple Tarts and other goodies?! These treats add so much sweetness to the fervor of the festival. I am writing this while I’m gobbling down Pineapple Tarts and other treats from Pineapple Tarts Singapore.

Visiting family and friends and having reunion dinner, enjoying CNY Decor in every nook and corner of Singapore and relishing yummilicious Pineapple Tarts is a combination that you just can’t miss. What happens when these Pineapple Tarts are Singapore’s own and the best Pineapple Tarts? Of course, Icing on the Cake!

So, like I mentioned above, recently I got Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Lapis and other delicacies from Pineapple Tarts Singapore and I We can’t stop eating since then. By the way, for those of our readers who are from other countries, please note that these words “Huat Ah” mean “Get rich and lucky”. It’s a shout-out for one’s prosperity.

I love Pineapple Tarts and the ones from Pineapple Tarts Singapore are too good!


Why my family loved Pineapple Tarts by Pineapple Tarts Singapore?

♥ The original Pineapple tarts are simply melt-in-the-mouth

Truly to the real meaning of the term “melt-in-the-mouth”, these pineapple tarts are just the way they should be. You just put them in your mouth and be ready for that creamy, fragrant feeling to take over your taste buds. The pineapple filling in the tart makes the whole experience perfect. The ingredients are very fresh.


♥ Say Cheese to Cheezylicious – Cheese Pineapple Tarts

Yo! My kids (and me) are cheese lovers. How can we stop at one when it comes to these Cheezylicious – Cheese Pineapple Tarts?! Parmesan cheese is fused together with the crust to bring about this cheezylicious delight.


I have lost count of how many I ate! Actually, my daughter and me almost had a competition of who-eats-more-cheese-pineapple-tarts.


♥  There’s more…like these Crispy, Spicy, Crunchy goodies

Are You Nuts? – Cashew Nuts, Crispy Sia – Prawn Rolls, Xie Xie – Crab Sticks and more…I let my friends taste this stuff and they loved it! Crispy, tasty and fresh – They make super-delicious snacks.


♥ Don’t miss Thousand Layer Goodness of Kueh Lapis and Fruity Good – Prune Kueh Lapis

Pineapple Tarts Singapore, RainbowDiaries

My boy calls Kueh Lapis as cake…Indeed it’s like a cake – so soft and fluffy. Once he sinks in his teeth into this highly addictive, truly satisfying Kueh Lapis, there’s no looking here n there.


Most importantly, they are not too oily and definitely a healthier option for everyone.

Add big, crunchy pieces of refreshing prunes and you get Fruity Good – Prune Kueh Lapis.

Look at the picture below and did you see how giant those prune are. Every bite, fruity bite. I personally liked Prune Kueh Lapis a lot.


♥ Convenient to get, convenient to eat, Excellent gift option

Pineapple Tarts Singapore has an e-commerce platform ( where these CNY goodies are offered for sale online with delivery services countrywide at a fee of $10 and free delivery for orders above $70.

The packaging is simple and no-nonsense. The jars are easy to use and store pineapple tarts properly. These goodies serve as an excellent gift option too…

What’s more, you can pre-order now and there is a 10% discount for all orders made before 10 January 2018 using the code “HUATAH” on checkout.

Special Discount for readers: 10% discount with code SHUBSPECIAL10 valid all the way till end of February

I’m going to order a few more jars…You too head to Pineapple Tarts Singapore’s website soon.

and Shrihaan (because the boy insisted that I must give credit to him too)

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