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As the theme is Winter, lemme share with you what winter means to me.

Ah.. WINTER…I can endlessly speak about this topic. So many memories – some very good, some very bad but nevertheless most happening things in life occur during winter I must say.

Winter means Mumbai, India:

I am a true blue Mumbaikar. In this maximum city that never sleeps, winter is rare but truly amazing. We cherish very few days of winter where the forever-heat of Mumbai suddenly vanishes..hmm, okay, at least it becomes less savage. Mornings become cool and you feel like sleeping in your cozy bedroom for 5 more precious minutes. Spicy food like Pavbhaji tastes even better in winter. Have you tried Sardaar Pavbhaji and Yoko’s sizzlers in Mumbai btw? Do try…

Winter doesn’t mean sweaters and jackets and gloves ever ever in Mumbai but may be 1-2 days you can have the pleasure of wearing them and rave about “Mumbai Winter”. Lol!

Anyways, everything about this city will be always the best for me so winter too is so special there.

Winter means Singapore:

One decade ago, life took a big turn and we landed in Singapore – right in the winter month of December – with a tiny baby in my hands.

So much excitement and at the same time so much uncertainty but just like Mumbai, Singapore instantly felt like home.

Again, there is no conventional winter in this island City. But mornings become even more beautiful during winter months. It rains in Singapore many days of the year and if it rains in winters…even more wow!

After one decade and one more kid, I would say Singapore is a city that is just so perfect like a picture. Warm hearted people and Warm winters of Singapore – you must experience.

I have been a City girl always and have not experienced true blue winter which is very cold with snow all around yet except for occasional visits to such places as a tourist. How the day to day life will be in extreme-cold places where winter is the only season? Do the people there love winter as much as we love? Thought pondering…

Winter means We all:

Call it a coincidence and such a lovely one – we all are Winter babies. Hubby and Me are November born, Girl is a December baby and Boy is a February product. Even my parents are November born. Having birthdays in winter has its own special advantages – your energy levels are high, weather is pleasant…Yay period indeed!

Winter means Holidays:

In Singapore, we have school holidays during winter months of November and December. There’re plenty of things to do for kids – workshops, events, play options, food treats and so on in Singapore and around. Kids get to truly unwind after grueling school routines and they so look forward to Winter holidays. We also plan trips to India during the Winters.


For me, Winter reminds me of trips to incredible places in India like Jaipur-Udaipur, Shimla, Manali, Odisha and so on. Can’t forget the memorable holidays I had with my parents and grandparents while I was still in school. Forever-golden memories etched in my mind.

Winter means Romance and Glam-up:

Okay, 2 kids already but lol, I can of course talk about romance… Especially in winter, the weather is so conducive for those sweet nothings, those little we-moments over a cuppa and so on.

I in fact even got married during winters instead of hot sweaty summer. Wink wink…

In winter, don’t you think the overall mood is always set for party? In fact the skin looks naturally clean (though dry) and I love to get decked up in sarees during winter. Lots of weddings happen and it’s too much fun to attend them and enjoy to the fullest. Lower temperatures outside take my spirits high.

Winter means Christmas:

I’m a non-christian but love the message behind Christmas. Anything that spreads happiness is always welcome.

It’s sheer awesomeness to soak in the Christmasy air. Those Malls decorated with large Christmas trees, lights everywhere and Wintery weather – nothing better than this combination! Want to take a look at my photolog about Singapore Christmas? Here it is!

Oh yeah, Do you believe in Santa? Well we are no longer kids but that kid in me secretly believes in Santa for sure. I imagine the hustle bustle on the North Pole night before Christmas where Santa and Elves are busy like bees to pack presents as per our wishlist. What a wonderful feeling it is to get something special from your Santa.

Well, Santa doesn’t give me anything any more;sigh; but for my kids, Santa showers his love every single year – toys, chocolates and all that they want.

What is on your wish list this year that you would like to get from this White beareded Ho Ho Ho man?

Winter means New Hope and new Challenges:

Winter arrives when the year is almost about to end and it departs only after we step into the new year and settle.

We already slog hard the whole year, have our fair share of ups n downs and when Winter comes, it brings a wave of hope. Hope for a better New Year and Hope to turn around the fortune gets a new life with Winter. It also sets the stage for the challenges New Year can present – in office, in home and in schools. This season prepares us to face it all – with renewed vigor.

This is my take on what Winter means to me. Just writing about it made me feel refreshed ❄️❄️

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now, it is the time for departure, so meet Winter Express at Tripti’s Station who is an avid traveller. Stay hooked to this journey with the Winter Express!!!

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