How clean is our home? How clean are kids toys? How clean are mattresses and quilts? I often have these questions…As a mom, I try my best to keep the home clean. But still, sometimes, the clothes don’t smell that fresh. Same with the mattresses and pillows – blame it on humid and rainy weather. When it comes to kids plush toys, lesser I say is better! They keep making toys dirty and I keep getting worried about the harmful germs that might cause illness. Help in the form of Magiclean Fabric Freshener is here fortunately and we have been using it for quite some time already.

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How to use Magiclean Fabric Freshener and how it keeps your home fresh and safe, read on to know more about it.

I m sure many of us must have heard about Magiclean Fabric Freshener and other products of Magiclean from one or the other source. I personally use Magiclean wipers, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners and am absolutely happy with the effectiveness of them. Thanks to Sample Store for introducing me to Magiclean Fabric Freshener too.

Sample Store,

Lovely packaging

The packaging of Magiclean is very pleasant to eyes. The colors are refreshing. The packaging is not flimsy and it makes this product easy to use. Also, the spray bottle is reusable because there is refill available too.

How it works?

Easy to use I must say! Open and spray on your fabric and you are on your way to the freshness. The design of the bottle is ergonomic and easy to grip.

What’s special about Magiclean Fabric Freshener?

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  • Magiclean Fabric Freshener uses Trigger technology from Japan. This technology facilitates that the dispensing of micro-mist spray for wider, more even coverage.
  • Do you know it kills 99.9% bacteria and odour from the inside out! For moms like me, this is a very important point.
  • It also contains natural deodorizing extracts and is suitable for hard-to-wash fabric products. The odour is prevented from returning for up to 24 hours..
  • Magiclean Fabric Freshener works on almost everything – be it bedding items or kids’ soft toys and sofa, carpet, curtains, car seats, fabric shoes and so on. Magiclean Fabric Freshener works  to eliminate musty, cigarette and cooking smell…Isn’t it a boon for your home?
  • The fragrance of Magiclean Fabric Freshener is soothing and refreshing…My kids and me have sensitive nose. We used it and no issues for our nose. Available in Fresh & Light scent, Refreshing Mint and Pure Blossom fragrances.


Magiclean Fabric Freshener is conveniently available in all major supermarkets.

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