I am a fan of Collagen. When I do facials, I go for Collagen ampules simply because they make skin look smoother and make it softer and firmer. I was always under the impression that Collagen = Skin benefits but I was only half correct! Collagen does wonders not only for the skin but for the entire body. Thanks to INJA Life Collagen, I learnt and currently experiencing lots of goodness that Collagen offers.


Collagen has unique properties that are not found in other proteins, and these properties are likely the reason for the effects of collagen on bones, joints, skin, hair and nails.

How INJA Life Collagen works?

INJA Life COLLAGEN from Japan, which is amongst the fastest-moving Nutritional Supplements and is being recommended & dispensed by the top Dietitians, Cosmetologists, Dermatologists & Trichologists all over the world.

Research says:

INJA Life Collagen is backed by extensive research. Here’s INJA Life Collagen – Research Report 

  • Ingestion of collagen helps healthy nail growth.
  • Collagen has the same results as whey protein when its comes to muscle building effects.
  • Collagen ingestion is beneficial in reducing the amount of triglyceride in blood.
  • Collagen is used clinically to improve the amino acid imbalances in liver cirrhosis.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visible improvement in the hair texture, thickness and volume
  • Help in restoring Bone Mineral Density
  • Increases Bone strength and flexibility
  • Decreases the risk of fractures
  • Improves the immunological status
  • Protects against cataracts and glaucoma
  • Works as perfect workout supplement

INJA Life Collagen, RainbowDiaries

Quick facts about INJA Life Collagen

  • INJA Life is the world’s BEST Marine (Fish) Collagen, having 8 out of the 9 essential amino acids and 3 non-essential amino acids, besides various conditional amino acids.
  • INJA Life COLLAGEN is manufactured in a US-FDA approved factory in Japan.
  • It is the most amazing Anti-Ageing Secret from Japan, which works wonders for the Skin, Hair & the Entire Body.
  • It is ‘Gluten-Free’, ‘Sugar-Free’, ‘Non-Fishy in Taste, After-Taste or Smell’, in an ‘Easy-to-Use’ 5-grams ‘Carry-anywhere’ Sachet.
  • It is so delicious, with a natural Japanese Blueberry flavour.
  • There are no contra-indications, but if you have fish/protein allergy or / and you are pregnant, then please check with your doctor.
  • Recommended Dosage/s: Normal: 1 Sachet per Day (any time; but taking at bedtime is preferred); Special dosage: 2-3 Sachets per day, for those in the Glamour & Fitness industry and for those specifically addressing an issue for faster, tangible results.
  • Inja Life Collagen comes in a Box of 30 Sachets of 5 Grams each, of Marine Collagen Powder
  • Consumption Period: A 3-month regular consumption for cellular regeneration is recommended for great results. This may be continued for those who want to defy ageing.

For FAQ’s, do visit: INJA Life Collagen – FAQ’s


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