First of all thanks to my helper auntie Donna who is from the beautiful country of the Philippines for sharing this recipe and teaching me step by step how to make it. It’s very simple to follow and kids love it. Actually we all love it. It finishes in no time.

So, let’s go straight to the recipe.

What you’ll need?

  • Graham crackers / Marie biscuits
    Actually Graham crackers taste the best and you can get them in Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road or neighborhood Filipino shops. We didn’t have it at home. Marie biscuits was our alternative and it tasted delish too.
  • Graham powder – which is nothing but crushed Honey Graham Crackers
    Once again you can buy it from Lucky Plaza or any other shop that sells Filipino stuff.
  • Milkmaid or any other sweetened condensed milk. I used Low Fat version because I already have high fat. Lol!
  • Cowhead or any other All purpose Cream

  • Marie Biscuits
  • Of course, Fresh Mango. The name of the dessert itself suggests that you must have mango. I asked Donna whether can we add any fruits but she said that authentic preparation is only mango-based.

Steps to prepare Mango Float:

  • Mix All purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk and whip it very well to a smooth mixture.
  • Arrange Marie Biscuits in a dish.
  • Pour Graham powder on them.

  • Pour the mixture of All purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk on it.


  • Place slices of mangoes.

  • Again add Graham powder followed by pouring the mixture of All purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk on the float.
  • You can repeat above 3 steps more number of times if you want more layers in the float.

  • Arrange Marie biscuits on top.

  • Pour the mixture of All purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk on the whole setup.

  • Complete the float by covering the float neatly with Graham powder.

  • Refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

Ta da!!! Your no-bake, no-headache Mango Float is ready…We sprinkled some grated dark chocolate on it for added indulgence…Sorry, just one piece remained somehow and thank god I could click the picture!

Mommies, we always keep scratching our heads when it comes to cooking kids’ favorite food…Try this Mango Float and am sure this  yummy item will find a permanent place on your recipe list.

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