We love Christmas. The mood of Christmas simply rejuvenates everyone and the beautiful decor in the malls, on the streets of Orchard Road and other areas is truly spectacular…Little feet of winter make way to otherwise-sunny Singapore. Weather especially mornings become very pleasant. In fact, my wedding anniversary is on the Christmas Day itself so this festival is even more special for my family. Still, all the while, we had not set up Christmas Tree at our home for even a single time! We missed the occasion either because we were travelling or someone is visiting and some such reasons. This year finally we managed to tick this item off our bucket list at Canon’s Year End Party.

Thanks very much to Canon …because of you we could decorate our first ever Christmas Tree!

How we did it and how we did it one more time…read on.

Canon Year End Party – where was it?

Canon never fails to spring surprises for families like we experienced here and here…Hence I was damn sure that 2017 year end party also must have something awesome for all. It had indeed packed great fun for the entire family.

Well, the venue was rather unconventional and not the usual restaurant etc. The swanky new office of AM Collective was ready to a tee for the celebration. See how it looked before the party began…so gorgeous. How nicely creative people at AM Collective set up tables for each family and kept everything ready.


and…this wall was so Instagram-worthy. Heartening to see our photos printed and arranged beautifully.


Mind-blowing Innovations by Canon

How they printed the photos that look so hi-res and clear even if they printed from our Instagram profiles? Reason is this never-boring Canon PIXMA. PIXMA is stylish, it prints in terrific colors and the design is compact. What’s more, you can connect to Canon Pixma wirelessly and print, scan and access cloud services from mobile devices.


Canon, RainbowDiaries, Singapore

Saying Ho Ho Ho are these cool cams from Canon. No wonder some of us would not even think about any other brand when it comes to cameras.


Meet this tiny cutie – Rayo S1. What’s that all about? It’s a projector essentially but goes beyond it with capabilities like Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank with 3,800mAH power, Intuitive Smart Touch Pad with 4GB Memory Storage and Wireless Connectivity.


With all these amazing Canon gadgets around us, how not to take the photo? So here we go…


The Christmas Tree Decoration – mission accomplished

We reached late for the Canon year end party after sending off Dad and Girl for the swimming classes and when we arrived, we already saw many families engrossed in decorating their Christmas trees…Argh! So clueless I was and missed my hubby and girl a lot at that point in time – they are the creative ones in our family. Now the boy and Amma team decided to figure out…

That’s the kit with all the necessary materials – well-packed and gave a jump-start for first-timers like us. It contained Christmas Tree Lights, garlands and ornaments. Also, Canon guys had printed some cool pics from our Instagram so that we could add them to the decor. Also, a few color printouts of Santa, Elves and socks.


Where to start – was the BIGGEST question. Lol, we decided to look around and take some inspiration (read: copy-cat) from our friends who already seemed to be a Pro at it. We tried to wrap the Christmas lights first and after multiple times of tangling-untangling, finally, they were around the tree. Boy was helping to cut some Santa shapes.


Next step: Add garlands to the Christmas Tree and then add other ornaments and tree lights. Wait, we captured pics and sent it to our Dad and Girl – to make them “J for jealous” in-between.


We cut our family photo into the heart shape and tied it on our Christmas Tree. Done, Done, Finally our Christmas Tree was ready. Not bad for the first-timers or so we thought.

Which is our Christmas Tree? Can you spot? How does it look? Do tell us.


By the way, I totally forgot to take food pics. Simply because, we were too focused on our Christmas Tree set-up and once it was done, we were too hungry to give justice to all the yummy treats complete with that delish Red Velvet Cakes.

Our Christmas Tree got makeover too…

Remember, I said that Dad and girl missed the Canon Year end party? When boy and me came back home proudly with our Christmas Tree, the other two said that they could have decorated it much better. Ha ha…

Here’s my daughter’s version. How does it look? Which one is a better decor? Ours or hers…


Thanks Canon for this awesome party. You just made our Christmas more Merry!


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