Who doesn’t like Christmas time? All those lovely family movies, delicious food, and Christmas spirit seem to make the world a more comfortable place. A great part of Christmas holidays are those special decorations we all look forward to from the moment Halloween is over. Children are particularly fond of these decorations, and if you want to make this Christmas truly special for them, you can make a little effort and decorate their room accordingly.

Give them their own tree

Having a tree in the living room is great, but what your child really wants is a small tree of their own. It doesn’t have to be a six foot tree or even a real tree at all: a vase filled with branches and twigs they can decorate themselves is a great idea too. You can even hang a big piece of butcher paper on the wall and help your child paint the tree, and afterwards you can use glitter and stickers to decorate it. Let your child express their creativity and decorate their own tree any way they like: all red, Star Wars theme, or with nothing but paper snowflakes they made themselves.

DIY garlands

The best thing about garlands is that they can be made of pretty much anything, and you don’t have to be a professional decorator to make and hang one in your child’s room. If you want something sweet and simple, you can make popcorn garlands or glue some popsicle sticks together and make snowflakes which you can later hang on a string. Pom poms are also a great idea because you can make them from wool and they can be as colorful as you and your child want. After holidays, store them away in a box and use them again the following year but in a different place to show your child how proud you are of their creation.

Paper snowflakes

Is there a better symbol of winter than snowflakes? Sadly, we cannot bring snow to our home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Decorate your child’s room with paper snowflakes you made together. You can find a pattern and help your child cut the paper the right way to get the perfect snowflake, and you can use different colors and materials to decorate it. Cover it with glitter or pom poms, glue cotton balls onto them and pluck at the cotton until it looks like they’re really made of snow. Get creative and hang the snowflakes everywhere: on the windows, on the bed, on door and walls – anywhere your child wants, actually.

Hang an Advent calendar

Those three weeks until Christmas morning seem like an eternity to any child, which is why it will be a great idea to help them count down with a simple Advent calendar in their room. You can get a simple calendar for them to use and toss it after Christmas, or you can opt for a nice one you can re-use the following year. What is more, if you’re crafty, you can make your own calendar out of pretty much anything: cardboard, colored paper, felt, or even of your old, mismatched socks. You can even take a bunch of simple cardboard boxes, label them with numbers, put treats inside, and leave them in a pile for your child to go through in search of the right one each day.

A breath of winter on the windows

Windows are especially important because your child will look out and find joy in seeing the snow. Use some snow spray to draw on your child’s windows and create beautiful winter scenery: snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes, and Christmas stockings. Frame this little work of art with beautiful heavy curtains to which you’ve pinned paper snowflakes and you’ll get the perfect sight. You can also head out to Perth for curtains with different print and made of different materials. You can combine green, red, and gold, traditional Christmas colors, to get that festive look in a blink of an eye.

If you put a lot of time and effort into decorating your home inside and out for Christmas, you might think that another task is just not necessary, but you’d be wrong. Helping your child decorate their room for Christmas will make them feel the joy of the season and it will make them anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus with even more enthusiasm than before.

Helen Bradford

Helen is a student of architecture and writes about Interior Designing.

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