India is an ultimate country when it comes to culinary delights. There are many states in India and each state has its own unique identity that manifests into the food it offers. If Maharashtra has Puran Poli then West Bengal has Rasgulla.

One such state that offers all the pleasure to your tastebuds is Gujarat. Here eating every meal is a celebration. Each ingredient is used with a lot of thought and the result is simply too good…

While we are vacationing in India, I’m bringing you this authentic recipe of Gathiya AKA Vanela Gathiya – made by the temple Chef. One of the uncles of my Hubby is an expert and he prepares sweets and special delicacies for Temples.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe of  tasty Gathiya…

1. Make dough for Gathiya:

Tricky because you’ll have to get that exact consistency and smoothness.

Take besan i.e. Gram Flour. We took 1 kilogram. Add ajwain aka oregano seeds, hing aka asafoetida and salt. For spicier taste, add pepper.

On a side note, Ajwain and asafoetida helps in digestion and that helps in subsiding the grassiness of the gram flour.

Coming back to the recipe, mix equal amount of water and oil well. Use water in moderation because the dough has to be firm and cannot be loose at all.

Now add this water-oil mix to the gram flour and make dough. Massage well into a fine dough.

Pack the dough in a plastic bag or wrap so that it remains smooth and doesn’t dry out.

2. Side kicks:

Gathiya accomplices are equally great. You’ll need raw papaya, thick green chillies and  onion. If raw papaya is not available, go for carrot.

Wash and take out seeds from papaya and peel it. Grate it long and thin. Now add salt, sugar, lemon juice, coriander cumin powder, hing, chilli powder, garam masala and mix well.

peel onions and cut them coarse.

Time to work with those chillies now. Wash, dry and poke thigh green chillies. Start frying them in a heated oil. To be specific, fry them till their skin is slightly wrinkled. Take them out of the pan. After they cool down a bit, add hing and salt. Believe me, I ate 2-3 of them straightaway. They are not spicy and still tickle the tongue.

Now, let’s make and fry Gathiya:

Remember the dough that we made and wrapped in the plastic bag. Time to take it out. Take a bit of it and start rolling it into Gathiya. Wait, don’t forget to start heating the oil in a pan.

Now, this rolling of Gathiya needs practice and that’s why I took this video of our uncle who was making it.

Time to eat! Laughter, chit-chat and sharing with others enhance the taste of Gathiya even more ?