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I call myself a “soft-copy person” who loves to work with digital documents most of the times. I try to keep my books in e-book formats and all other documents too. But when it comes to photos, my “soft-copy love” starts dwindling. I have depended way too many times on my phone and laptops when it comes to storing my photos and bang! either I have lost the photos or the laptop has crashed and so on. Result: Photos are gone and gone are those beautiful memories too. I discovered Photojaanic recently and now in love with this photobook singapore service.

What is Photojaanic?

Basically, Photojaanic is a Photobook Printing Services in Singapore but I find it’s much more than that. When I heard about Photojaanic first, I thought it must be just “print your photos and keep them as hard copy” kind of service. But but, it’s so differently unique. Read on to find more about the services of Photojaanic.

Photojaanic has very interesting story behind it. It operates from India and Singapore.

Photos – are they only photos or a lot more than that?

How do you regard your pics? Are they mere photos for you of places, people and occasions? Cannot be right?!

Our photos are our precious memories. Moments that we have enjoyed, lived and loved. So, for me, each photo tells a story! So when it comes to storage of these photos, I think I have not really done much and not taken proper care so far. This eye-opener comes thanks to what I discovered on Photojaanic’s web site.

Happy Story Telling with Photojaanic

Like I earlier mentioned, I thought I just have to visit this website and upload my pics and they’ll print it. I was SO wrong. Photojaanic creates hardcover and softcover photobooks, phone cases, magnets, mounted prints, premium albums and even classic Polaroid prints. The variety is huge and you can always choose what’s best for your requirements.

Oh, one of the biggest point I liked about it – complete customization. This Singapore Photobook Printing Service lets ME decide how the designs would be, what photos I would like to be included, what material to be used for the photobook – hard or soft and so on. Since it’s my photos, it’s my story that comes alive through the photobooks and other choices.



How it works?

S-i-m-p-l-e, I must say. The website is straightforward to navigate and smooth. I didn’t experience any slack or glitch during the time I spent on it.

Let me show you how wonderful is the interface of this site. Even a layperson can understand and customize the photobooks easily.

You just have to choose which product you are purchasing and you are on already. You are spoilt for choices:

As you can see in this below pic, so many templates to choose from!

Another question I had on my mind was – How will I upload my pics? As anyone else, even my photos are scattered across n number of places. This screen made me happy. Now, I could extract photos from practically anywhere – My laptop, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, Dropbox and more…Awesome!

I uploaded a few pics even from Google Drive.

and of course, Instagram…

Next step: Create your project. By this time, I was already falling in love with Photojaanic. All of you will too – whether you are creative or not-so-creative…

Like I already wrote above, the concept of Photojaanic is to let you make your stories. Your photos tell stories and you are the writer. Some cool fonts and other typography features to add your captions and make those photos even more precious. My daughter contributed a lot as far as captions were concerned.

You can review the project, go back make some changes if necessary.

If you are all set with your photobook creation, time to order…

Photojaanic Photobook is here already and it’s WOW!

So how much time they will take to make it ready and send it to you? Quite fast I must say. My 8X8 Hardcover photobook got delivered promptly and it was heartwarming to see our photos come alive through it.



Imagine after a few years, when these kids become adults and see this photobook…they’ll be so amazed and it will take them down the memory lane instantly…

I have no complains whatsoever as far as the quality and value for money goes. The hardcover photobook has premium quality and my photos look exactly the same as they actually are. No drop in resolution at all. Typography accentuates the appeal and kids almost thought it’s a storybook with all of us as characters in it. ♥♥♥♥♥

Yes, the soft copy lover in me became happier when they sent me the link to the e-book. Check this! how cool it looks.

It’s an excellent gift idea

Now that I have tried Photojaanic, I am surely going to go back there. It’s such an amazing gift idea…for anniversaries, for birthdays, for return gifts, for house warming ceremonies, for any other occasion – I can gift photobooks, magnets, cards, wall arts, mugs, keychains and all such personalized special items via Photojaanic. Lovely and unique!

More Information

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I already found the way to capture my photos and turn them into precious memories with How about you?

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  1. Anstan26 Reply

    It’s a great way to create these special moments through photo books. It brings the best moments of your life time, to show and preserve for your future generations to see.

  2. Indu Reply

    This is certainly an innovative product. Looks good. And useful too. It will certainly add value to photo printing.

  3. Aliza Sara Reply

    Thats such an amazing idea!! we have something similar her in malaysia too! Glad you managed to print out your memories to be in a physical book 🙂

  4. Jason Reply

    We also have such similar service in Malaysia. I like taking pictures but never thought of printing it out. Thanks for your sharing and gonna try to make 1 of my photo books soon.

  5. Candy Rachelle Reply

    Wow!! This is so interesting. I would love to try this photojaanic sounds so good for the photographer like me. I will definitely check this out.

  6. AnnMarie John Reply

    That’s a great way to keep memories and look at them when you feel like it. I love printing photos, especially of our trips! I think this service is amazing!

  7. Angela Ricardo Bethea Reply

    This is such a nice photo book printing! I’d love to go to an amazing place like this and have some cool prints like these!

  8. Elizabeth O Reply

    I really love making our own photo book that reminds us of simple thing that we do with my twins. I will definitely check this out.

  9. Jack bransson Reply

    That’s amazing, I have never heard about this but i think we might give it a try and see how it works, You have great photos by the way!

  10. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Very helpful website it is and this personalised photo collages are truly a perfect gifting option.

  11. Shell Reply

    This looks like such a great service and so easy to use as well… I love anything that simplifies my organizing my photos for display.

  12. Trystwithvanillagirl Reply

    I seriously need this as I have lost do many pictures to crashed laptops and dysfunctional drives. Thanks for sharing

  13. joshitajj Reply

    This is a unique concept and great gifting option. I like their customisation service. It is a cool way to save our memorable pics…

  14. Emily Reply

    I love the concept of photo books and have printed one before, though not with Photojaanic. Would love to give them a try when I have gotten some photos together.

  15. ktmommyscene Reply

    I love making photo books, it’s fun to have photos tangibly in hand and a book helps organize them!

  16. Nisha Malik Reply

    I love photobooks. They are digital scrap books. Photojaanic looks really awesome. Will surely gonna check it out.

  17. keisha1989 Reply

    I love the concept. I think it is very unique. I think photo books are interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Amanda Luedloff Reply

    This is great! I need to use this, it will free up so much space on my laptop. Not to mention, I am a terrible clutz so who knows the next time I will spill something on my laptop, thus ruining all my photos.

  19. Remy Reply

    Interesting. I totally love it. I can try to make a photo album with this service then give it to my wife as a gift. Thanks for the tips.

  20. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    I think that is a great idea! Photos are great for memories! When I was a kid, my parents would always create photo album and it was just great to have a look at them!

  21. Preet Reply

    I love the idea of photobooks and that they can be customized by self. I agree photos are not just photos, they are the precious memories. Thank you for reminding me to check this.

  22. fromroopalismind Reply

    Photojaanic seems something looks like physical album that we used to have in childhood with caption. I always want to keep physical copies of photos as they create a different feeling

  23. Sreekar Reply

    Have used a few of such services. here in India we use vistaprint and printo. But this seems easier to handle I guess!

  24. Rawlins Glam Reply

    A great way to capture the memories as storage might corrupts and phones might get ruined too. No more bulky photo albums like before – now get to put words into the pictures too.

  25. Zayani Zulkiffli Reply

    We also have this kind of service here in Malaysia, its called Photobook. This service is really great, you know sometimes we want to keep the photo in hard copy.

  26. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    I really like this idea and concept of photo printing. I love making photo books that reminds me of some little and big things in life. I’m going to check this out. Thanks!

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