Online Shopping fever with 12.12 Sales + Cyber Monday Sales

Shopaholics like me just need more shop till you drop opportunities and 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday Sales provide just that!

Okay, first things first. Had someone told me a few years ago that there would be such an awesome thing called Online Shopping and I am going to get hooked to it, I would not have believed at all. True, isn’t it? Online shopping has made the whole shopping experience so convenient and literally it’s on our fingertips. Great deals and equally great products are offered by online shopping. Busy moms like me have no time to visit retail outlets and leisurely shop and it sometimes gets very confusing with too many online shopping platforms available…So how do I get the best of all of them and maximize my online shopping experience? How do I save my valuable and hard-earned $$$s?? For me, I use websites that collate and aggregate deals like and many others on the net.

Coming back to the 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday Sales, what are they all about? Quite an interesting story behind them I must say.

As I watched on CNBC, 12.12 Sales is an industry-wide initiative to promote e-commerce. More and more countries and businesses are offering huge discounts on an awesome range of products during 12.12 Sales event and consumers are of course going to be smiling their way to savings.

By the way, what a coincidence that my daughter’s birthday is on 12.12 and this sale is such an enormous opportunity to pamper her with all that she wants! Can’t think of any better gift idea after I came to know about 12.12 sales. There are deals on clothes, food and electronics too.

When it comes to Cyber Monday Sales, remember those days when home internet connections weren’t too fast and we used to wait till Monday to go back to office and do some online shopping with faster internet. Vendors took this opportunity and came up with Cyber Monday. Sales offers and deals for Monday that comes after Black Friday is called as Cyber Monday Sales.

My Wishlist for 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday Sales

Here are top 5 things that I am eyeing on. Am glad that all this shopping will be still lighter for my wallet because of the never-before-seen-and-heard promos and cashback that I’m going to enjoy.

Canon Powershot Cameras & Lens Deals

Some cool Powershot Cameras from none other than Canon can make my photos look even better. 2% cashback on top of it. Wow!

Pampering treats from Althea

Time to get some K-cosmetics with Althea. This mom needs beauty fix and that 5% cashback too.

Yummy Food delivered via Foodpanda

Mom will be mom will be mom. I have to take care of my family’s tummies with the choicest of the food. Who can help better than Foodpanda. It allows me to order from more than 800+ restaurants on the island and enjoy up to 8% cashback rewards. Now, that’s what I call as yummy!

Klook SG Discount Codes, Promo Codes & Coupons

School holidays are on and we would love to take kids out with Klook offering huge discounts. and offers up to 7.5% cashback.

Pedro shoes for My Mr.

He is working hard for our family and he needs something as good as Pedro shoes. I am considering buying them during 12.12 Sales or Cyber Monday sales and give my hubby a cute surprise. For me? Am happy with the 4.5 cashback.

How prepared are you?

It is good to prepare beforehand and get information on the best deals and also the best deals that will be out during Cyber Monday and 12.12. So make sure you look at sites like ShopBack where deals for 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday Sales are available for you for easy viewing plus you can enjoy cashback on your purchases. That’s extra savings for you!

All set to shop during 12.12 Sales and Cyber Monday Sales? What’s on your Wishlist…Do share.

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27 comments on “Online Shopping fever with 12.12 Sales + Cyber Monday Sales”

  1. Tiffany Yong Reply

    It’s actually pretty nice to have your kid’s birthday falling on a shopping spree date as that means you get to let her buy something at a budget that day! Let’s hope you go through at least half your wishlist!

  2. Emily Reply

    After a massive haul on 11.11, I am waiting for 12.12 already. Just one month to save money. Do you think it’s enough??

  3. Lily Shah | The Buxom Babe Reply

    so many sales going on.. i’m gonna be broke! they have some great deals

  4. SiennyLovesDrawing Reply

    Yeah! Am waiting for 1212 to come & still compiling my shopping list, esp those I have missed from 1111. Yeah! Let’s enjoy online shopping together gather 😀 Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Indu Reply

    Great season of discount sales. Earlier black Friday then cyber Monday, all fancy names with the attraction of huge discounts on wide range of products.

  6. keisha1989 Reply

    I always love a good sale. Thanks for sharing this post. I can’t wait for cyber monday!

  7. Joanna Davis Reply

    I have actually managed to get a camera I was eyeing for quite some time for half the price today, from Amazon. It was such a good deal that I preferred to put it on my credit card and save money rather than wait to have the cash for it.

  8. Deirdre Reply

    This is so much more my speed than Black Friday. Thanks for all the heads ups and tips!

  9. Courtney Blacher Reply

    Black Friday has a lot of Sale! I think, I prefer to buy online! So exciting!

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