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Before I write about Softsens, Tell me one thing – what are your things to consider when you buy baby and kids products especially for bath and beauty ? For me, what matters the most is:

?Safety – are the products safe to use on babies and kids skin and body? Do they contain harmful chemicals…

? Nourishing – what value addition the products do for babies? How it helps them to relieve common issues and nourishes their skin.

? Cost and availability – Are they easily available and don’t cost a bomb?

And…we found Softsens! Something that perfectly fits all the above requirements and after trying out Softsens, we can say that Happy Babies, Happy Mummies.

First of all, Softsens Baby products look very classy. The pastel colors of the packaging are sure a winner. Secondly though Softsens baby products are made by experts, they are inspired by Moms like you and me because no one know babies better than a Mom.

I remember the time when I become a mom every now and then I used to get panic as to what is good for my baby and what is not, which products should I use and what will be better for its
skin and so on. By experience, my babies taught me what works for them the best and that’s why I would love to share more about Softsens.

SAFE , EFFECTIVE , DESIRABLE  and SUSTAINABLE baby products by Softsens

Not one, not two but Softsens offer a wide range of Baby Bath and Skin Care that are:
✔ 100% safe for baby.
✔ Tested in Europe and on par with international standards of safety.
✔ Contains pure and natural plant- based ingredients  and essential oils.
✔ Free of Parabens and harmful chemicals
✔ Never tested on animals
✔ Biodegradable
✔ Hypoallergenic

That “never tested on animals” is the point that animal lover like me simply loves.

What’s in the bundle that we tried?

Softsens, RainbowDiaries, Indian Blogger

Baby Oil

It is light in texture and soothing, nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing for baby’s sensitive skin. We found that it leaves soft baby hair even softer. Must be because Softsens baby oil is infused with vitamin E and olive oil extracts.

Baby Soap

Same for Baby soap. It makes baby’s skin soft and supple and it contains natural plant based ingredients.

Baby wash

Ultra mild , soap free, aqua- based and tear-free – what else mom wants? ♥ I am wary about the harsh body washes that cause irritation to eyes. So this Baby wash really suits my kids.
It is enriched with milk cream, Shea butter, orange oil and known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Baby Shampoo

Natural plant based extracts is something as a mom I prefer always. Thanks Softsens for enriching this Baby shampoo with natural plant-based essential oil of orange. Once again please do take note that this is soap free, ultra mild, Aqua based and tear-free formulation. Bingo!

Baby lotion

Wow, so luxurious for baby’s skin – natural Milk cream, Shea butter that keep baby skin hydrated. It also contains glycerin and anti- oxidants, Vitamin E and so on. I would definitely trust this for my kids.

Baby cream

Lovely product again infused with all the goodness of natural ingredients.

Baby Wipes

I can’t really do anything without Baby wipes. Softsens Baby wipes are extra-thick and soft at the same time. Safe, cooling and soothing for baby and kids skin. By the way, I use it too!

Baby Powder

Who doesn’t love the fragrance of a baby after bath and applying powder? Softsens Baby powder helps absorb excess moisture and keeps baby skin dry and smooth. It has antiseptic properties that protects the delicate skin from prickly heat and makes baby feel cool, comfortable and happy.

Softsens, RainbowDiaries, Indian Blogger

While we are loving Softsens products for babies and kids, we also recommend to take Pediatric guidance and prescriptions before using these products.

Visit Softsens website for more details:


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24 comments on “{India Collab} Softsens Baby Products”

  1. worldofmakeupmagique Reply

    I love the subtle packaging and the products look really gentle and effective

  2. Emily Reply

    What a complete range of products for the baby. Happy babies are indeed happy parents. And when babies are healthy, parents are happier.

  3. Charu Reply

    Bang on yes safety, nourishing and pure and the cost. These things are super necessary for child care products

  4. Reetu Reply

    Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to baby products. This brand seems to cater in that aspect. Wonderful products!

  5. Nisha Malik Reply

    I have heard a lot about this brand. Thinking to pick some winter care for my son from Softens.

  6. Qisstiera Lifestyle Reply

    Great packaging pastel colour. I love it so much. Complete set for take care babies skin and mommy will never panic again. I am sure this product is really good choice.

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