I remember how my grandpa used to reprimand me for NOT sitting straight. He used to constantly remind me to improve my posture and not to slouch. Sigh, that time I never really took his advice seriously. Sitting upright, maintaining ergonomic balance of body and posture is so important and that’s what my ErgoSpine chair keeps reiterating for me.

I am a working mom. So you can very well imagine the stress that I put on my body – just like many of you. Generally, I am healthy but daily running around and multi-tasking can take real toll and I am sure I silently abuse my own spine. I have found that my already-fat tummy looks and gets more shapeless when I sit like a potato while working on my computer. Same for my hubby. When I am writing this, I can already see many of you relating with this situation because it’s that common.

Recently, I have started acting upon this issue of bad posture of my family n me and have discovered some of the great products that help me to take care of my posture, spine and overall body. One such product review that some time ago I shared with you all was ErgoSilver Laptop stand and we all wholeheartedly use it and benefit from it. Now lemme share with you more about my ErgoSpine chair which is a bliss to spine, overall body and is an awesome help in improving posture.


Why ErgoSpine? My take…

While am writing this post, am comfortably sitting on ErgoSpine Ergonomic chair. So what I am liking about ErgoSpine?

  • It’s superbly C O M F O R T A B L E for my back. period!
  • ErgoSpine makes sitting and working for long hours on laptop / desktop effortless. No slouching, no straining back and spine.
  • It looks super classy. Fits every setup – office or home or both. ErgoSpine is sturdy too.
  • ErgoSpine is fully customizable. You can choose from various attractive colors.
  • You can see the central channel on the pics of ErgoSpine chair that I have shared here. It accommodates your spine to avoid excessive pressure on the bone while our cushions distribute pressure evenly between left and right back muscles. So, it’s very good for people with existing back issues.
  • I love this Lumbar support pad. This lumbar support kit increases the immediate comfort of the chair for those who like to recline as they sit.
  • ErgoSpine is a reclining chair too. So, you can take a break from your work and just sit in a reclining pose for a while.
  • Cost? Important factor to consider…Isn’t it? ErgoSpine chair comes in a very competitive price range and offers value for money.

and much more…

I have personally used and using 2 innovative items from Primero and would love to try out more from the brand. Look what I found while browsing Primero’s website.

Alfred sofa collection

Are you bored with the same same looking sofas in retail outlets? Then you should browse this collection. These sofas look elegant and welcoming at the same time.

Alfred sofa collection has some cool pieces in armchair, sofa and L shape sofa formats. Lots of choices in fabric and the covers are entirely removable and washable. For moms like me, that’s an amazing thing to know.

Primero, RainbowDiaries, Online Furniture Singapore

I’m already eyeing some designs from Alfred Sofa Collection and should start pestering my hubby soonest to get one for our home.

When you start planning to buy sofa then what’s next? Of course, TV console and coffee table to go with it and to give a facelift to your living room…Tada!

Veneto TV consoles and coffee tables

Primero has come up with real good-looking furniture I must say. Designs are refreshingly different than the usual ones and the cost is so affordable. This Veneto TV console shown in below pic is a steal at just $345…

Primero, RainbowDiaries, Online Furniture Singapore

My eyes are on this minimalist coffee table too!

Primero, RainbowDiaries, Online Furniture Singapore, ErgoSpine

While I was browsing Primero’s website, I was wondering how come they manage to offer amazing furniture at GREAT prices?! Oh, they use this concept of Micromanufacturing furniture…What? What’s that? Micromanufacturing furniture is the term even I heard for the first time. Lemme explain you how it benefits you and me as a customer:

  • Increased quality of products
  • Customized furniture designs
  • Customizable product options
  • Extremely fast production times
  • Ability to procure spare parts instantly
  • Lower cost of production (For smaller quantities)
  • Greater control over the details of each product

Typical Retail VS Primero

Typical Retail

  • High Prices
  • No customization options
  • Low variety of generic designs
  • Low quality of items
  • Mass Produced


  • Affordable Prices
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Unique, curated designs
  • High quality items that last for a long time
  • Designed In-house

Impressive, isn’t it? Kudos to Jonah and Jordan – Primero’s founders who are passionate about technology and design and think out-of-the-box.

By the way, Christmas is coming real soon and how about some awesome gift ideas? Stumbled upon this at Primero’s website…


For my family, we are all in to get some innovative, customizable, affordable and high-quality Home furniture and decor from Primero – Online Furniture Singapore. How about you?

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