Life is a pain! Pun intended but kind of reality too, isn’t it? We all are so busy in working day and night for our and family’s bread and butter that we sometimes totally forget about our poor bodies. Stress, lack of sleep and rest, unhealthy food habits become part and parcel of life and we take our body granted. It just happens! Even though we try to take care as much as we can, hectic routine does play its part and pains start…Neck pain, knee pain, back pain, joint pain and so on. You don’t have to be elderly to suffer from pains now-a-days. People in their 30s-40s like me also keep getting these ooh aah ouch spells of pain. Recently learnt about B-Cure Laser, have started using it and I think it’s a great way to cure those pains.

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Read on to find out more about this latest technological medical innovation.

What B-Cure Laser is all about?


Okay, 2 points to be noted here –

  1. B-Cure Laser is the first hand-held soft-laser medical device for home use
  2.  It not only provides pain relief but also heal the source of inflammation. So pain plus reason of pain is treated.

For busy people like most of us, it’s something that can be used from the comfort of homes is a big plus point. No need to visit Chiropractic and other therapists! Too much cost per session there and we need to travel and invest time on these treatments.


Who gets benefited from B-Cure Laser?

  • Anyone who are suffering from pains, in particular in the regions of the neck, back and
  • Anyone who has issues like fibromyalgia, slipped disc, osteoarthritis, rheumatism in the joints, and in the vertebrae, and also a large number of dermatological problems.
  • Anyone who leads hectic lifestyle and needs some relief from day to day pains.
  • Anyone with orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle pain, sprains, and tendonitis and sores/wounds that are hard to cure including diabetic sores, burns, acne, herpes, simplex.
  • Children who have parents with pain.

How does it work?

B-Cure Laser as the name suggests uses Soft laser technology. It’s a cold laser or low-level laser. This is a
relatively low strength laser wave, so there is no risk of radiation, and/or any side-effects. The device is safe and light and small so it’s easy to at home or anywhere and re-chargeable.

I felt very relieved when I learnt that B-Cure uses low-level laser and there is no risk of radiation.

B-Cure’s laser beam stimulates the tissue in the areas where you have pain bringing about a reaction from our bodies’ systems to produce pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances, which are carried to the affected area by the blood stream.

Do you know? I got reassured when I knew that B-Cure Laser is registered with the Health Science Authority Singapore and medically endorsed from doctors’ worldwide.


Cost and other info

B-Cure Laser is priced at S$999.7 (inclusive of GST). I think it’s definitely value for money because people who have pains have to visit doctors, chiropractics and have to bye-bye so much $$$s on medication, injections and other treatments. These visits are not one-time and you have to complete the course and have to go for multiple sessions. On an average one session easily costs up to S$150 a session. I am not even mentioning worst-case scenarios like surgery!

On the other hand, B-Cure Laser is a medical laser device that will serve you and family members for many years. The device is built to work for approximately 10 years, so if you calculate the cost over ten years, the price is significantly lower than any other solution. You do the calculation and you will realize that B-Cure Laser works out to S$99 a year.

When you buy B-Cure Laser, the pack includes the device, rechargeable batteries, charger, user instruction booklet, telephone guidance and 1-year warranty. There is a B-Cure ergonomic stand that can be bought separately.


People with pains can certainly try B-Cure Laser because it’s safe and hand-held, it’s soft-laser, it’s medical device and it can be used from home. Natural and non-invasive, B-Cure Laser is like having a pain-relief clinic at home.

You can try out B-Cure Laser yourselves at the roadshow that is coming up between 13-17 Nov at Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy. There will be special launch price and additional warranty along with some freebies. Do visit.

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