Well, am a fan of Brainwavz products. Have been using them regularly and it’s like a habit. Read my previous posts about Brainwavz here, here, here and here. Overall, I will give a 5-star rating to Brainwavz’ innovations that last long long time. What’s new this time from Brainwavz? Read on to find more about 2 headphone hangers; actually they are smart storage solutions to keep your work space neat and tidy.

Before I forget to mention, these headphone hangers are great and unique Christmas gift ideas.

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I’m a lousy person who will have everything scattered on my work desk – right from laptop, tablet, hand phone, headphone, bag, water bottle, books and everything from pin to piano. It’s so cluttered most of the times. I fixed Truss and Hengja on my work desk at my home and wow, it looks transformed. Much more space for me to add some more clutter. LOL. On a serious note, it makes the work space clean and clear. Very pleasant to look at actually and motivates to work harder.

Meet Brainwavz Truss and Hengja

Truss – The Under The Desk Dual Headphone Hanger


My kids’ favorite and it’s super-easy to fix. My boy did it for me. The Brainwavz Truss is a headphones hanger specifically designed to hang two headphones. Kudos to the ease, comfort and convenience it offers. It’s robust and dependable, it affixes under any desk or surface with a 3M VHB™ adhesive tape.


I can bet it’s going to be there at the same place for years because it’s really strong!


Brainwavz Truss looks very cool with all metal aluminum and it doesn’t lose its shape whilst holding even the heaviest of headphones.

My “innovative” kids started using Truss very creatively like this! It can really store everything perfectly.


Lemme add some technical specifications of Brainwavz Truss for you:


  • Strong 3M VHB™ adhesive tape
  • For use under desks, tables and shelves
  • Dual Headphone Support


  • Mounting Method: 3M VHB™ adhesive tape
  • Material: All-Metal, Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Overall Dimensions: 162 x 45 x 60 mm
  • Headband Plate Dimensions: 45 x 50 mm each
  • Weight: 135 g

It retails at S$16.14 (Original Price: S$24.17 SGD).

Hengja – The Desk Headphone Hanger

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Another winner from Brainwavz is Hengja. The Brainwavz Hengja is a neat headphone desk hanger that is suitable for large or small headphones of almost any weight. Again just like Truss, Hengja also has all metal construction that allows the Hengja to be both sturdy and stylish, with no chances of it bending when even the heaviest of headphones are placed on it.

Brainwavz Hengja makes headphones sit comfortably on its stand. Hangia clamped to your desk, table or shelving unit.

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The Hengja can be placed either horizontally (i.e. table top) or can be rotated to fit on vertical surfaces (i.e. table leg).


Brainwavz Hengja comes with a very helpful user guide.


Below is the features summary and technical specifications of Brainwavz Hengja:


  • Headphone accessory
  • Horizontal use on desks, tables and shelves
  • Vertical use on shelving units


  • Weight : 112g
  • Clamp Depth : 40 mm
  • Plate Depth : 50 mm
  • Plate Width : 45 mm
  • Max Clamp Size : ~40 mm
  • Min Clamp Size : ~14 mm
  • Material: All-Metal

Included Accessories

  • Screwdriver / Allen Key Multi Tool

It retails at S$14.80 SGD (Original Price: S$20.19 SGD)

Lovely storage solutions by Brainwavz right? Click here to buy.

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