Like I always say my kids are my best teachers! Frankly speaking the credit and inspiration behind this post is my kids – who showed natural inclination towards DIY right from the toddlerhood and because of them, I actually learnt how rewarding and fulfilling DIY activities can be for kids.

DIY is Do It Yourself. The term itself indicates freedom to do anything and come up with something creative in your own way, independently and without any baggage. Read my 5 reasons why we should encourage DIY activities by kids.

They try, they fail, they learn, they succeed

DIY activities however small they can be are great confidence boosters. It might be as simple as creating a dough flower or coloring a small picture – kids take it as a project and try their best to complete it in the best possible manner. Recently read about these awesome DIY ideas that kids can try with flowers. DIY has no limits. It all depends on kids’ imagination which is boundless. In fact, sometimes they are hell bent to perfect it according to their point of views. My daughter recycles a lot of pages to get that one “master piece” of a drawing or son keeps arranging and rearranging Lego pieces to create “Fire Fighter cum Submarine cum Car”. DIY sets them free in terms of creativity, imagination, thinking.

For me as a parent, the final output doesn’t really matter much. The process of creating their own “something” makes kids very happy. A note to myself when my kids DIY: It might not be perfect, it might not look great, it might have many flaws. But it’s Kids’ creativity, time, efforts that matter the most and hence each DIY creation of the kids is always priceless and beautiful.

DIY improves patience, focus and determination

Only if they concentrate so much when they do studies! Jokes apart, I have found that DIY is the best motivator. They get an idea and they painstakingly work towards it with complete focus. Otherwise, my kids are impatient but somehow when they do DIY slime and so on, surprisingly, they are patient and ready to wait overnight for that slime to get desired consistency.

Making of customized Fidget Spinner

Kids do their own research, find out what will work the best for DIY project and with determination create what they want. Again, for me as a parent, it’s always nice to see them working towards DIY goal – howmuchever small it is.

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Sibling Bonding, Family Bonding

Do it Yourself, Do it Together – DIY has proved to be a great way to promote sibling bonding for us. We have elder girl and younger boy and as siblings, one moment they are at loggerheads and second moment they are all hugs and kisses. To bring them both on the same page, DIY projects help a lot.


Some months ago they customized fidget spinners and came up with DIY design for it. It was very heartwarming to see kids’ camaraderie during that period. They also made Slime at home. Though the girl took the lead, boy helped a lot in his own little ways.

DIY pulls parents also in contributing towards the creation. Example: This Deepavali, we together created this Rangoli AKA Kolam AKA Diwali Decor together. Girl decided the overall design and color scheme. She also drew the outline and filled colors to an extent. Little brother helped to color the feathers of this peacock. Final shading and Deepavali light was completed by Dad.

Don’t you think DIY is an excellent opportunity for Family Bonding?

Health Benefits of DIY

Have you observed the kids after completing DIY? In my case, they become very hungry…After all, they really put so much – mentally and physically for their DIY. This mom becomes very happy when they eat heartily.

In DIY, it’s the whole body that works in Sync. Sight, touch, smell, taste and sound – all senses are put to use together. Kids’ brains are planning and hands are working. This whole body exercise is very stimulating. Apart from working on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, DIY helps Kids to learn new skills and hone existing skills. This in turn boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Also, the knowledge and skills they acquire during DIY projects are going to stay with them for life.


I get to know my kids better when they DIY

When kids DIY, they are totally involved in it. What they think about surroundings, what are their interests, what they would like to become – all I can see and know through their DIY creations. Their love for parents, do they face any issues with friends etc. is all over written in clear and abstract terms when they sit and do-it-yourself.

While planning and discussing about their upcoming creation, I know their opinions about different things. They talk and express their feelings wholeheartedly. Every parent has a sixth sense and that enables me to see if something is wrong somewhere or all is okay.

What kind of DIY projects your kids undertake? What’s your role in it? Do share with me.

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