This post is exclusively for our India readers and other readers who have relatives / family members based in India. It is needed that we all take care of our health because it’s wealth. Lemme introduce you these 3 amazing products – PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe and PalmSafe that should be a part of your travel bag – long, short or daily – any type of a travel. Moms, especially, you must carry them.

India is a huge country with big population. Places like trains, buses, tourist spots, offices, schools everywhere it gets crowded. More the crowd, more the pollution, insects n germs and unhygienic scenarios.

PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe, PalmSafe, RainbowDiaries

Washrooms can be very dirty and so are other public places. Mosquitoes and other insects breed happily and we humans suffer from dengue, chikungunya, Urinary Tract Infections and so many other bacteria and viruses float around always in the air and water. As a mom, I get very panic about my kids and always look for ways to safeguard them. So thank you MoskitoSafe, PeeSafe and PalmSafe. You are saviors for sure!

Repel the Monster Mosquitoes

Easy peasy to kick these monsters out! What we loved about MoskitoSafe is the convenience. Just carry it with you and spray on your exposed body part. Mosquitoes dare not touch you then.

PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe, PalmSafe, RainbowDiaries
MoskitoSafe is tested at government certified labs and meets all quality standards. It’s non-hazardous and non-dangerous product.
MoskitoSafe is currently selling online on SafetyKart, Flipkart, Amazon and other top selling e-tailing platforms as well as retail stores with the kinds of Le Marche, 98.4 Pharmacy, Global Healthline etc. in India. It’s so affordable just at INR 140.

Carry this friend in your washroom

PeeSafe is a toilet seat sanitizer. For me, it’s a very important product. I have faced this situation many times and am sure you must have too:

Picture this. You are outside in a nice shopping mall having some fun time. Suddenly comes the call of the nature! you have to go to the public restroom. You go to the restroom area, and your mind says “Wait, do you really want to use this toilet? Can I wait till I get home?”

Enter PeeSafe a toilet seat sanitizer spray that safeguards you from the deadly germs and bacteria while using the toilet. By the way, even if the toilet looks clean, in all probabilities, it’s not that clean. There could be germs leading to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes.

I would definitely recommend you to get PeeSafe for worry-free toilet visits. Peesafe eradicates 99.9% germs & also deodorizes the toilet.

PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe, PalmSafe, RainbowDiaries

Clean hands, healthy body

Hand sanitizer is something that I must must carry especially when am out with kids. They keep touching every surface and just don’t bother about the germs that are sitting on those surfaces. My mom friends, am sure you have the same case out there. So lemme tell you about PalmSafe. Alcohol- Free Hand Sanitizer Foam that kills 99.99% germs within a few seconds of application.
It doesn’t irritate or dry your skin too.
Actually, the perfect hand wash routine includes:
  • Use warm water.
  • Use antibacterial soaps.
  • Rub your hands together well and scrub all surfaces – lather up on both sides of your hands, your wrists, between your fingers, and around your nails. 
  • Wash for 20 seconds.
  • Rinse well under warm running water and pat dry with a clean towel.

But seriously, can we really follow this? can we really have this time and luxury especially in public places? No right? That’s why better to carry PalmSafe.

So, lets be safe and lets keep our families safe with PeeSafe, MoskitoSafe and PalmSafe.

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