POPULAR’s Reader’s Choice Awards is back again! Have you voted?

Where do you go when you are looking for school books? Which place you visit when you are looking for stationery? Where do you get other story books, novels, computer books and any other book on whichever topic? – So many questions but answer is only ONE and that is Popular Book Store. I might sound a bit clichéd but that’s the fact. Popular Book Store is the go-to place when it comes to all my our book needs.

My book-eater daughter visits Popular very very regularly and picks up her school books, all types of school stationery from here. Popular has awesome reads and my mom when she visits Singapore is sure to buy novels and suspense thrillers from Popular.

I am sure we have many fans of Popular BookFest@Singapore. Popular Book Store ‘s Bookfest has been around for past ten years and has established itself as Singapore’s largest and most successful book festival. This year, the annual mega book and stationery event will return for the eleventh year running, targeting book lovers, retailers, distributors, students, educators, families and working professionals.

Readers’ Choice Awards is an initiative by Popular Book Store where readers will vote for their favorite books by local authors and winners will be announced in the BookFest.

Readers’ Choice Awards (RCA) by Popular Book Store

Singapore is a small country but there’s no dearth of talent. We all must appreciate and support local. In an effort to support local talents, POPULAR Book Store came up with this campaign to recognize local authors. With three categories to choose from – English (Adult), Chinese and Children – readers of all ages will be able to vote for their favourite title. Voting ends 5 November 2017 and the winners will be announced on 16 December 2017 at BookFest@Singapore 2017.

RCA Voting Link: http://www.bookfestsingapore.com/readerschoice/

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Recently, we read 2 such wonderful books sent to us by Popular Book Store and voted for our favorites already. Bringing you the review…One by my daughter who is a kid books / products reviewer and another by yours truly. Read on and later vote for your choices too…



Midnight at mount Emily is a very interesting book. It is about a girl called Patsy Goh who is deeply devastated when she finds out she may not actually be a time keeper. Her Friend Elena Tan, also needs her help and They together travel to their mothers’ teenage years in order to save her best friend’s Mother from a marriage.

When I was reading the book a million thoughts swarmed through my head – Would they stop the disastrous marriage? What would happen to Elena when parents never met? Would Elena even exist after thwarting her parents plans to marry? What would Patsy Goh be if she was not a timekeeper? All of these intriguing and mind boggling questions will be revealed once you get this wonderfully crafted book. There are many  genres evident in this book such as friendship, care, concern and even a blooming romance between Elena’s parents.

I will recommend it to my friends for sure.



ISBN : 9789814757188
Weight : 0.4110Kg



Marriage is a beautiful bond. Being married to my office sweetheart and after 2 kids, I can safely say that one must get married and enjoy family life because it’s truly fun. But will you all agree with me? Might not be. After all, we see so many marriages falling apart and divorces are rampant. So, yes, this is the path that one must follow after careful considerations of various factors and not just emotionally.


Marriage cannot be just a contract. At the same time, it cannot be completely driven by reckless emotions. So yes, Law plays very crucial role. How to make sense of legal jargon and how to simplify it to everyone’s understanding?

I liked the tone of this book and the wealth of information it shares with the readers. Daunting law and legal terms are made simple and clear in this unique book. It provides an insight into the impact the law will have on him or her.

It simplifies the labyrinth of legislation and case law to allay fears, encourage an understanding of what marriage entails, and flag out possible difficulties the reader may face during the course of his or her relationship. The guide will also showcase the rights and responsibilities that result from a marriage.

The book is divided into different chapters from dating to engagement to marriage and the language is straightforward to understand. Font size, paper texture makes it even more appealing. Ample examples are used to elaborate different scenarios.

Thinking of getting married? Then you must read I want to marry you but…


ISBN : 9789814407939
Weight : 0.5050Kg
Author : Jennifer Yeo,Yeo-Leong & Peh LLC Yeo-Leong & Peh LLC,
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Vote here for your favorites:

RCA Voting Link: http://www.bookfestsingapore.com/readerschoice/

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36 comments on “POPULAR’s Reader’s Choice Awards is back again! Have you voted?”

  1. Katie Wallace Reply

    I love finding a good book to read in the colder months. It’s fun to cuddle up on the couch and watch the snow fall (or wind blow) outside. These sound like interesting picks.

  2. Preet Reply

    I like both the books you have mentioned. I do agree all marriages are not the same, the second book does gives a different perspective of it, sounds interesting.

  3. Elizabeth O Reply

    Whoa!! Book readers choice award sounds interesting. I will definitely check this out. and I am looking forward to reading this book.

  4. kimmieklewis Reply

    I always love to hear about new books that I’m not familiar with! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    What a good award and awesome that you count your daughter as a book eater, who doesn’t love a good book?! I may have to look into the first one for my niece who loves to read. Also the marriage book sounds really interesting, I am kind of happy on my own but I like to read about these things!

  6. brigettedanielle Reply

    I have always been in love my local library. The choices are always endless and most of the time they can order new books for you! For my kids, I also use Epic! as a resource for books.

  7. Maria Reply

    I’ve always been a huge book worm, and I really appreciate seeing “midnight at mount emily” in here. I’ve been hearing so many great things about this book lately this just shows that I really need to read it!

  8. AnnMarie John Reply

    I appreciate seeing book recommendations because it gives me a chance to discover books that I wouldn’t find out by myself. These selections are really interesting, there’s an underlying life lesson in each one!

  9. Tiffany Yong Reply

    During my school days, I loved going to Popular book store because I love the wide variety of books there. I wished I could stay there for hours and be lost in the titles~

  10. Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    I love both of the books you mentioned! Really interesting and good to spend quality time with. I miss reading books…now it’s still all nursery rhymes and sensory play for me ?

  11. Live Life Lah Reply

    it can be pretty fascinating reading local authors books.. and I am sure Singapore writers can be more interesting then Malaysian… Heaven knows the number of times i read a book to be so excited by the plot and all only to be let down in the end by the lousy ending

  12. Emily Reply

    Popular is extremely popular in Malaysia as well, pun intended. I can’t wait to see who will win the Readers Choice Awards!!

  13. Misty Reply

    Books are my life (outside my actual life haha) I ready to relax and enjoy myself. I think I might read the marriage guide. 2 kids, husband works 50+ hours a week, my business and websites. Married life isn’t easy.

  14. Stephanie Jeannot Reply

    What a way to recognize the writers in your area. I love the idea of this contest/festival. The books you mentioned sound so interesting.

  15. Sharon Lee Reply

    It’s been a while since I reading a good book! This award surely is interesting, I might get to choose some of my favorite books from this readers choice award too!

  16. debolton Reply

    Midnight on Mount emily sounds like a great book for my middle daughter. Going to add this to her pre Christmas book list.

  17. Zulema Reply

    I been married for 17 years and of course we’ve had our ups and downs, I wonder if reading this book will had helped me. I looks like a very interesting book.

  18. Cia Black Reply

    I want to marry you but seems like something I would enjoy, while at the same time seems like something that I would never pick up on my own. The except that you showed about the kidney, is such and oddity, that I think this is something that I’m going to have to look into picking up.

  19. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    I didn’t know about this award. I am not getting married anytime soon but a friend of mine is and I am sure that guide would be super useful to her!

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