Okay, it’s that time of the month again. I went to Kenjo Salon again and this time tried Tokio Inkarami treatment. What’s it all about, how it improves your hair quality and what are the steps included in it – to know more read on…


When I see above the picture, I feel my hair are in much better condition now. After I visited Kenjo Salon for the very first time and then when I got Mucota Scena Plus done from them. So, I was looking forward to what Kenjo peeps have planned for me.


Itโ€™s Tokio Inkarami time! Tokio Inkarami is a premium and patented treatment originally from Japan that can be customized and is a boon to dry, damaged, frizzy, unmanageable hair. That means itโ€™s a perfect fit for my hair!!!

Tokio Inkarami is available only at a very few select salons in Singapore and Kenjo Salon is one of them.


There are 5 steps and each step will give a boost to your hair leading to soft, shining and lustrous mane.


In the above pic, how Tokio Inkarami transforms highly damaged / porous hair back to its beauty is very well-explained.


Kenjo Salon staff knew that I went there straight from office and offered me my favourite biscotti. I have to ask them next time from where they buy these. I simply love these biscotti.


Oh! and custard pie too…Sugar power for tired minds and bodies.

Now starts the process. First hair Color root touch up to cover the grey that I have. This hair Color is suiting me well so far. Thanks to beautiful and expert Soobin whom you can see in the picture.


Look at a few treatment products that were applied to my hair and left on for some time so that they can penetrate deep into hair roots and make them look better, feel better.


The different steps in the Tokio Inkarami were ongoing and my hair looked drenched in the goodness.

This is a new device I saw and experienced for the first time. Looked like hair dryer but it was for infusing the serums of Tokio Inkarami in the hair.


Check this video to see how it works.

Kenjo Salon never rushes the treatment. They make sure twice and thrice that itโ€™s all perfect and you are happy with the result.

Wow, my hair started looking transformed and nourished after soaking in all those Tokio Inkarami serums and treatment Essences.


Soobin decided to give a little bit of soft curls.


Loved this look! Should I ask her next time to give my hair permanent curls?


I think after childhood, for the first time, my hair felt so soft and supple. They were literally dancing and got that velvety touch…

By the way, Kenjo Salon will offer you straight 15% off if you quote โ€œRAINBOWDIARIESโ€ and if you are first timer there. If you are a student, you get 20% off on all treatments. So you can surely plan and give the advantage of Tokio Inkarami to your hair.

Thanks Kenjo Salon and Tokio Inkarami to rediscover and restore the goodness of my mane.

Check out Kenjo Salon’s website here or find them on Facebook here.

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