{RainbowDiaries Giveaway} Kids Art made to Wear with Artwearama

My kids especially daughter is an Art lover. She loves to draw n paint all the time. Boy also try to follow his sis in whichever way he can. For a parent like me, I always keep looking for options that are unique for my kids. I came across Artwearama and loved the idea.

Kids Art made to Wear

The concept behind this cool venture is to provide a channel for kids to express their creativity and ingenuity through art.
Later, their art work is transformed into everyday wear, building kids’ sense of pride and confidence as they show the world their very own creation. Little dress designers already!

So create your art and wear it too! By the way, those of you are already tempted by this fabulous idea, there’s storewide discount of 10% is on for limited time till 31 October 2017. Just use Promo code ART10.

While we are in a process to try out creations, RainbowDiaries brings you the very Creative Giveaway by Artwearama.

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Giveaway of Dress / Tank top

Have a girl, get her art onto her dress or have a boy? Then opt for tank top. One lucky winner will get dress / tank top for his / her kid.

Simple steps to follow:

  1. Follow Artwearama on Instagram. [https://www.instagram.com/artwearama/
  2. Like Artwearama on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/artwearama/]
  3. Tag as many friends as you want. One tag in one line
  4. Comment on the blog post and tell me the gender of your kid

That’s it! Giveaway closes on 31st October 2017. Sponsor’s / Organizer’s decision is final.

Images are from Artwearama. Used here with their due permission.

This giveaway is CLOSED now. Winner is: @Nettyliee

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42 comments on “{RainbowDiaries Giveaway} Kids Art made to Wear with Artwearama”

  1. Words of a Texas Nerd Reply

    I think this is a fabulous idea. Having your kids be creative is wonderful for their health. But when that creativity is brought to life like this, they garner self esteem as well. A sense of personal pride in their accomplishment!

  2. Maria Reply

    You just gave me the coolest idea for my nieces christmas presents! They love to draw and whenever I babysit them that’s all they want to do!
    I’m gonna turn their drawings into dresses ( hehe, gonna be their favourite aunt for sure! )

  3. kimmieklewis Reply

    this is the cutest idea! I don’t know any kid that wouldn’t want to wear their own design!

  4. Corinne and Kirsty Reply

    I am loving this idea so much! Drawing what you want and having it printed on your tee-shirt? So cool!

  5. Elizabeth O Reply

    Wow!! That is such a great idea. This is so creative and they are so talented. Nice idea to design their own clothes.

  6. Katie Reply

    This looks like a fun kid’s project. My girls would love to color their own dresses. 🙂 Great gift idea too!

  7. In and Out of Vegas Reply

    I have never seen that! What a great gift idea. It’s great to support your children’s creativity. As a kid I would draw alot and write stories.I grew up to be a creative adult (majored in advertising with a minor in journalism).

  8. parttimemama Reply

    This is pretty cool . Kids would be thrilled to see their own design on their clothes!
    My girl just turned 5 this month. Boy is 7.
    FB: Chua Hwee Leng
    IG: chuahl_thehappyfish

  9. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty Reply

    Oh wow, this is super cool! I didn’t even know things like this existed! I love that they get to wear their creations after. Also great that it comes with a template, do they come with a few or just a single? Awesome idea!

  10. chewoutloud Reply

    Aww, that is just TOO cute! I’d love to have that for my nieces. My boys are older, but even they might enjoy making something creative and fun!

  11. Emily Reply

    What a wonderful idea this is! In fact, adults can also create artwork and have them printed as a gift for their own children or friends’ children!

  12. Cia Black Reply

    I’ve seen the ads for these but that is all. I haven’t come across anyone you has actually done one of these. I want to give it whirl. I know my girls would love this so much, to wear their own creation.

  13. acraftymix Reply

    What a brilliant idea. I love, love, love this concept. I just imagine how my kids would freak out if they could wear their artwork. So unique

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