Hello Moms, I have some questions for you. Just to let you know that I have found better answers with Cherub Rubs.

  • How do you choose skincare products?
  • Do you choose different products for baby, kids, yourself and your hubby?
  • What kind of ingredients you look for while purchasing Skincare?

If you have taken more than 2 secs to think and search for any of the answers to the above questions, you must read on!

Okay, for me, I was so so ignorant when I was a new mommy. I used to just go by what other moms are buying and used to buy skincare items that really didn’t do much for baby’s skin or my skin. On top of it, I purchased hoards of products that time – one for baby, one for me, one for hubby and so on…Result? Nothing great! Products lying here and there, skin issues didn’t get resolved and mess! Worse case, the ingredients sometimes never suited the baby or me and rashes, itchy feeling, reddish patches, eczema etc. started occurring. Why-o-why, I didn’t know about Cherub Rubs at that time???

Glad that at least now I have found these gem of products and we are happily using them. Let me give you a quick tour of what is Cherub Rubs products are all about and like RainbowDiaries always does, there’s an exciting giveaway for you all at the end of this post. I repeat that this website always loves to share ♥

7 awesome Cherub Rubs as you see in below pics and 7 factors We all in the family loved about them.


Cherub Rubs are for ALL skin types

Yay! No headache of choosing different products for different members of the family. Cherub Rubs can be used for babies, kids, mama and papa too. Even preggers, new born and people with sensitive skin like me can go for it.

No show-off, Just pure n effective Work

Don’t expect too jazzy, too flashy packaging and all. These products mean serious work. The packaging is simple yet classy and soothing to eyes – neat! The work that Cherub Rubs are supposed to be doing, they do and they do very well.

Organic, Organic

I’m a sucker for organic products. Obviously because Organic means goodness – to environment and to your bodies and skin. In compliance with Australia’s National Standard for Organic Produce, Cherub Rubs’ certified organic products contain at least 70 – 95% certified organic ingredients, while all the remaining ingredients come from natural sources.

Safety First, No toxic contents

It’s certified toxic-free. What else mom wants? No harsh chemicals and natural ingredients suitable for newborns to adults.


Australian made and owned, and 100% natural ingredients

Only high quality raw materials which are sourced from Australia and organic where possible go into making Cherub Rubs. The concentration of essential oils used in these products is also specifically formulated for the safety of babies. What goes on your skin may go into the bloodstream, so being 100% natural is especially important!

Cruelty Free

Cherub Rubs products are not tested on animals, and is cruelty-free. Cherub Rubs also does not contain any animal by-product.

Complete Skincare range by Cherub Rubs

  • Looking for Soothing relief for rashes and eczema? try Skin Soothe
  • Need Safe and effective bug protection for kids and grown-ups? here is Skin Guard Plus
  • Must have for Soothing and smoothing, ideal for irritated skin – Skin Balm
  • Get Safe and effective bug protection with Scatterbugs
  • Need 3-in-1 outdoor protection against UVA and UVB (SPF 8), bugs and dry skin? Go for Scatterscreen
  • Hair and Body wash for all? then try Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash
  • Smooth, soft and shiny hair with Organic Baby Shampoo

Check the complete range of Cherub Rubs here.

Want to get a few? Click here.

Look, what we are giving away…

A set of Nourishing TrioHair & Body Wash, Skin Soothe, Skin Balm that is perfect for newborns and those with sensitive skin. The 3 products help to relieve eczema as well.

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