Beautiful Flowers and more at Little Flower Hut

There are 2 things that can shine anyone’s day – Flowers and Chocolates! Okay, you may claim to be a non-flower or no-sweets person but don’t you agree that flowers and chocolates are instant pick-me-ups and bring smiles on faces of young and old. I’m so happy to stumble upon the cool website of Little Flower Hut . They have recently launched their sister site too at LittleFlowerHut. Read on to find more about my flower delivery Singapore experience.

What is Little Flower Hut?

By the way, Little Flower Hut is a Singapore Florist – Offering flower delivery, hampers, Baby Gifts, baby hampers, wedding car decoration Singapore, artificial flower & arrangement as well as hand bouquets. Wow!

What I ordered?

Whether it’s Christmas or any other festival or special occasions, I am constantly looking for excellent gift ideas – gift ideas that are unique and make my loved ones happy…Recently, we celebrated Deepavali and there was one traditional ceremony for Brother and Sister. I ordered one big chocolate hamper from Little Flower Hut and made my kids day! They gifted these chocolates to each other and were totally thrilled about the surprise. Little Flower Hut delivered it so promptly even if it was a weekend.




Sometimes, the hamper looks great but when you open it, the products might not be that good. Littler Flower Hut’s Chocolate Hamper is perfect as quality is concerned – fresh chocolates and lots of variety. I should have added some balloons too. They have balloons as an add-on with amazing designs.

Am already planning my next gift…

Look what I found on Little Flower Hut’s website. Did you know that 3 Roses mean I love you and 1001 roses mean Infinite love? Daisy flower signifies innocence…and Hibiscus means delicate beauty? I didn’t know many of these incredible facts until I checked out the floral dictionary at Little Flower Hut’s website. Cool, right? It can help us to get right flowers for the right occasion. By the way, I am a November born and Chrysanthemum is my birth month flower – so lovely to know!

Whenever I visit Little Flower Hut’s website, I get hooked to it for long time. There are 17 pages of roses bouquets available and Let me tell you it’s so difficult to choose because all of them equally mesmerizing. See some pics below and am sure you will agree with me.

You might want to try out this option of Birthday Cake Flowers. I found it very unique – this cake is sans calories – made from fresh flowers and handcrafted by this Singapore Online Florist. How gorgeous it looks…

Little Flower Hut also offers all this:

This makes Little Flower Hut even more appealing

We all are busy and sometimes we don’t really get time to plan any elaborate celebration at all. How helpful is this “Same Day Delivery”. I absolutely love this feature. Just browse Little Flower Hut’s website, choose your favorite gift and get it delivered same day – awesome!

My decision making about gifts has become very simple and straightforward with Little Flower Hut. How about yours?

More Info:

Little Flower Hut


Phone: +65 6503 9750

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57 comments on “Beautiful Flowers and more at Little Flower Hut”

  1. Jiaxuan Reply

    Wow the hamper looks great and the bouquets looks really beautiful! There’s definitely something about flowers that makes people feel good~ Definitely agree with you that Scrolling through these online floral sites can get really addictive and makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! The bouquets I came across at Floral Garage looks really pretty too ! Thinking of getting one for my mom!

  2. Minakshi bajpai Reply

    Flowers and chocolates are best idea for gifting someone special and this website really sounds great and best as it Dilevers the flowers same day. Hope this can be here in india too.

  3. Aliza Sara Reply

    Very nice arrangements of flowers. I have to agree that flowers and chocolates are one of the best gifts in any country

  4. Emily Reply

    I am a practical person who definitely prefers something that can be eater rather than flowers. I’d welcome the chocolates anytime but honestly, don’t mind receiving the bouquets once in a while.

  5. Scotch & Stilettos Reply

    Admittedly I always used to think that flowers and chocolates were a cop out and a bit cliché but now I’m older, I love having bright flowers around the house especially with the standard weather here.

  6. Yana Reply

    you know what…just the other day I was telling myself I should probably start picking up flower arranging as a hobby…because apparently it really helps to calm one’s mind down…and who knows if I am good enough I could start doing it for real…hahhhaah

  7. Agnes Reply

    I love both flowers and chocolates, flowers especially! Agree that they are a sure way to brighten up ones day.

  8. chewoutloud Reply

    Flowers make me smile any day 🙂 The flowers would be for me and my friends…and the candy basket for my littles and their littles as well 🙂

  9. Beola Lawal Reply

    The flowers are beautiful and so colorful, the chocolate looks awesome too. I love both flowers and chocolate, so it seems like a perfect place to shop for gifts.

  10. nicoleflintkontrol Reply

    Wow what a great service! You got a lot of yummy treats in your basket!

  11. Deb B. Reply

    These bouquets are absolutely stunning. Love the colors – so vibrant. That is so neat that there is actually meaning behind the number of flowers, and of course behind the actual flowers themselves. I never know what to choose, I should definitely look into that since we send flowers long distance all the time.

  12. nlampert Reply

    I totally agree that flowers and chocolates are a great way to brighten someone’s day. It’s always awesome to find a great gifting service like this!

  13. Rose Reply

    Yes, you are absolutely right it’s all about flowers or chocolates. All the arrangements you posted were beautiful. The candy basket had a nice variety too and any recipient would be happy

  14. Preet@thevelvetlife Reply

    This is such a beautiful arrangement of flowers and gifts. And the facts are truly fun. I knew about three roses but not about 1001 roses. I love all the pictures.

  15. keisha1989 Reply

    I agree with you . Getting flowers or chocolate can definitely brighten anyone’s day. I love the idea of the floral dictionary.

  16. balanceandblessings1 Reply

    Very nice suggestions that I am sure can brighten anyone’s day, but only in Singapore?! Too bad, though here in America we have so many gift delivery companies to choose from you get bombarded especially around the holidays with their advertisements and overpriced gift ideas.

  17. thenafranssen Reply

    So much fun! Who doesn’t love getting flowers? They will brighten the day and bring a smile to faces for days and weeks to come!

  18. Joanna Reply

    I love the variety of chocolates from your hamper. I can recognise quite a few international brands in there, from all over the world. I used to eat a lot of Lotte chocopie in India actually, haha. Indeed it looks like a great hamper with a great value for money.

  19. Tiffany Reply

    I agree, getting and giving flowers and chocolate can brighten everybody’s day! Too bad it’s in Singapore. I loved the idea of the floral dictionary, you learn something sweet about the gift you’re about to give!

  20. yreviewme Reply

    🙁 too bad this is in Singapore, but thanks for sharing cuz I may need this if I want to send something for my friends who are in Singapore 🙂

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